Coronavirus cases worldwide exceed 3M

Coronavirus cases worldwide exceed 3M

The coronavirus, which started in Wuhan, the capital of the Chinese province of Hubei, continues to shake the world. Almost five months down, no solution or cure to the contagious virus that has brought the world to a standstill. The virus continues to rule with over 3 million positive cases that have been confirmed worldwide according to data from the Worldometers.

The virus is not only a threat to the global economy, social events, or learning activities but also to life. Worldwide, more than 214,000 people have died from the virus.

Although it has been reported that around 944,000 people have been confirmed to recover after being infected with the virus, the rate is still low.

While we are waiting for a cure or a possible vaccine, with some hope that the Oxford University trial turn out positive after Remdesivir failed the test, some countries have decided to wait no longer and relaxed some of the restrictions put in place to curb the spread of the virus.

Several countries around the world, these includes Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Iran, and the United States, are loosening the ban with the proven decrease in multiple virus-related deaths.

Italy, one of the most affected countries in Europe, has also considered easing its longest two-month restrictions from May 4th.

New Zealand has set phases of relaxing its lockdown, and its Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern claims the nation has won a major victory against the spread of the corona virus.

The country will now see some easing of restrictions after almost five weeks of closure, with only essential services running and many others banned.

Brazil is also working on a plan to ease the lockdown and reopen its economy. The senior economics minister said professional football matches will resume soon, but will be held behind closed doors.

While other world countries continue to adhere to their restrictions, the UN Secretary has warned that countries should not violate the rule of law to curb the spread of COVID-19.

There is also the use of technology in the fight against the virus. In Australia, over 1.3 million people are believed to have downloaded the COVID-19 government traceability app, and Prime Minister Scott Morrison was thanked for his approach to dealing with the virus.

Elsewhere, the top official in Mexico tested positive for the novel corona virus. Irma Erendira, head of the Mexican Ministry of Public Administration, has been the highest-ranking member of the government that has been tested positive since the first case was reported in the country.

The government said in the statement that Irma is in good condition with mild symptoms.

In Madagascar, someone can sweep the street with must if they are found without a face mask. In the countryside, police force people found outside without a face mask to sweep sidewalks as punishment, and more than 500 people were punished by Monday.

The punishment leads to results because 70% of people on the street now respect the rule

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