UK to cautiously ease the lockdown

UK to cautiously ease the lockdown

UK Foreign Minister Dominic Raab said the current lockdown imposed to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the country needs to be eased carefully, which means social distancing will remain for some time to come.

The UK has 20,700 coronavirus deaths to date, and the Secretary of State described it as heartbreaking. He added that the deaths could have been worse if the current restrictive measures had not been imposed. Although he calls for a cautious relaxation of restrictions, Mr. Raab has not given a clear picture of how some schools, sports, and businesses will be opened.

In the meantime, the country has welcomed back, Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Downing Street and is ready to resume work after the coronavirus recovery. He returns almost a month after he was diagnosed with the COVID-19.

And this morning the Prime Minister chaired the government, war cabinet meeting.

Experts have previously warned against over-interpreting daily statistics, as there are delays in most cases, especially on weekends. Therefore, they cannot be used to determine the number of deaths within a certain period.
Moreover, Coronavirus-related deaths do not include fatalities from nursing homes, private homes, or other places in the community.

Mr. Raab was responding just after Labor put pressure on the government to set an exit strategy.

However, he said it was impossible to announce concrete proposals for the exit plan until when there is sufficient evidence that the cases had declined. According to him, it can be a risk to remove all blocking measures.

He said that when schools reopened, there had to be social distancing for students and staff. However, this does not mean that the students should return in groups or rounds.

While COVID-19 tests across the country have increased, the cases are not increasing and that is a sign that the country has passed the peak of the virus. The NHS leader is also to the point that the country has passed the peak of the virus. However, they do not expect a steady downward pattern, but a slowly decreasing pattern.

Mr. Raab suggested that social distancing measures that are already being observed in grocery stores and other businesses that are still in operation could be extended to non-essential businesses if they reopened.

When asked if there was a chance that people could do sports end of this summer, Mr. Raab said that it can be “difficult” because of the “level and extent of the interaction”.

But he added that professional sports could be different due to the number of tests they could implement.

And when asked if there was a way to test people arriving at the airport, he replied that the measure could be implemented, but he wasn’t sure when it would be. He added that this can be checked when the number of infections has decreased.

Shadow Cabinet Minister Rachel Reeves said that people should be treated as adults and plans to exit the block should be published to give schools, businesses, and other businesses time to prepare.

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