Italy eases the longest lockdown restrictions amid declining cases

Italy eases the longest lockdown restrictions amid declining cases

Italy, the country with the highest number of coronavirus deaths across Europe, has announced plans to ease the longest lockdown.

It has been confirmed in Italy that the number of cases has declined and the authorities now believe that the extent of infection from one infected person to another (contagion rate) is now low enough to push for cautious loosening of the curbs.

And now the country has highlighted some plans to ease the restrictions that was imposed seven weeks ago to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

On Sunday, the country confirmed 260 new coronavirus deaths, reaching 26,644 highest deaths than any other country in Europe. The United States is the world leader in many cases and related deaths. They have confirmed over 987,322 positive cases and 55,415 deaths with New York State recording almost half of all deaths.

Although the country is leading Europe with corona-related deaths, there are only 197,675 confirmed positive cases, which is lower than Spain that has 226,629 confirmed cases, according to Worldometers.

While speaking on television, Mr. Conte explained how the country would start again with the second phase of lifting its restrictions amid the corona virus. The outline now gives people freedom to move. However, they may only move within their regions and not between different regions. They can also visit their relatives, albeit in small numbers and covered with face masks.

The funerals have also been allowed, but limited to 15 people and must be performed outdoors.

Athletes can now train and play sports again. However, it was pointed out that this should not only take place within the vicinity of homes, but also in larger areas.

Bars and restaurants will reopen from May 4th. However, all of them only to offer take-away deliveries and services. The dine-in service in bars, restaurants, beauty salons and hairdressing units is set to reopen from June 1st.

Museums, libraries and other retail stores that have not reopened after the earliest relief from the restrictions will also reopen from May 18.

And sports teams can hold group training from May 18. The parks were also reopened, but schools are said to remain closed until September.

For Italians who have been under stay-at-home order since March 9, the announcement was received with appreciativeness. However, people will also have to adhere to social distance measures in the coming months.

While announcing the easing of restrictions, Mr. Conte emphasized social distancing and said church services are still prohibited. He also asked people to always maintain at least a meter apart from each other for coming few months.

Besides, the announcement is not permanent, although it was critical to the country that went through a hell. If new infections increase after relaxation, the government still have the authority to re-initiate and impose certain restrictions again.

On other hand, the easing is only being observed in Italy, but other European countries such as Switzerland and Spain have already followed the suit.

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