Rumors surrounding Kim Jong health

Rumors surrounding Kim Jong health

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the world floated in another rumor about the world’s top leader, Kim Jong of North Korea. The president has been absent from state media, official statements, and public events in recent days, and rumor has it that the world’s leading politician is sick.

Kim Jong-un became the hereditary leader of the third generation after the death of his father in 2011. Even though there is speculation about his health, Kim Jong Un has no clear successor and it remains unclear who will take responsibility for nuclear weapons nation in the event of his death.

Although it’s still unclear whether the controversial leader is isolated due to the current pandemic or if he’s sick, Twitter has killed everything with the trend hashtag #KIMJONGUNDEAD.

Kim Jong Un, 36, has disappeared from coverage in the North Korean state media. However, it’s not the first time he did in 2014 when he disappeared for almost a month and when he came back, state television showed him with a limp.

Kim’s last location was when he hosted a meeting on April 11, according to reports from North Korea’s state media.

Four days later, Kim did not present for the birthday of the founding father of North Korea, his grandfather Kim 11, who was sung on April 15.

Kim, who did not present himself during anniversary of his grandfather, was ridiculous, and Cheong Seong-chang, who is the director of one Center at one Institute in South Korea, described it as the contiguous thing to blasphemy in the north.

The official statement also excluded the mention of this leader. What drives speculation is how state media has delayed the release of photos of the leader who oversees a missile test on April 14, as is common

The only clue that Kim Jong may still be alive or dead is the report by the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), after which he received a welcome message from the chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation on the first anniversary of Kim’s summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

With all this speculation about his health, a special train was seen at a resort in the country this weekend, which is believed to be his own. This has been confirmed by the North Korea surveillance center based in Washington, DC, based on the satellite images.

In their report, the group said the train was parked at the command station reserved for the Kim family in Wonsan.

The latest reports from unclaimed sources say that the president has received medical treatment at the resort and his absence is due to the fact that he is recovering after a cardiovascular procedure on April 12.

It has also been claimed that Kim is at high risk from heavy smoking, obesity and fatigue.

Another source claimed that China sent a team of experts to North Korea to investigate Kim’s condition. The continued silence of the media about Kims has raised concerns in the Trump administration, but the US president doesn’t think Kim is sick.

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