Face mask black marketing loom in France amid high demand

Face mask black marketing loom in France amid high demand

In the fight against the current outbreak of the coronavirus, the demand for certain deliveries has increased. The supply of ventilators, gowns, and face masks has become priority in every country with confirmed cases.

While this is the case in Germany and just like in any other country in which the face masks are in high demand, the country is now grappling the impending black marketing of these important products.

The country’s police have confirmed that they have confiscated over 140,000 face masks, all of which were intended for sale on the black market.

From a trusted source, officials caught a businessman who was unloading the masks from a truck into a house in St. Denis north of Paris.

The seized mask contains 5000 high quality (FFP2) that should be used by those infected with COVID-19. The other third were surgical masks.

The suspect for the masks is a 60-year-old man who is the seller. It was reported that he bought the masks from the Netherlands for $ 0.54 and planned to sell them in the range of $ 0.59 to $ 0.6.

It is also believed that the suspect seller already had a list of customers, including company bosses.

Another suspect of the syndicate was a 46-year-old who allegedly wanted to buy some of the shares in order to resell them elsewhere in the country.

Although the country asked many manufacturers to make more face masks to meet demand, it is now a business within less greedy people.

The government has also examined over 16 million companies in the country and also confiscated large amounts of ineffective disinfectants, as it has been confirmed by the government official, Gan Lin .

As of Monday, people in Germany will have to wear face masks or cover their faces with a must when visiting shops or using public transport in the country. However, there is a shortage of masks and medical wholesalers have confirmed that they are no longer in stock.

This is also due to the high price of online stores that sell masks. With this demand, greedy business people have now taken advantage of the situation, but thanks to the officials who confiscated the masks before they hit the market.

This is not the first time that such stocks have been confiscated. Several masks have been confiscated across the Paris region since the pandemic began. Over 29,000 masks were confiscated in Aubervilliers and over 32,000 in Saint-Ouen.

Black marketing around this essential is not only in Germany. China has also seized some 89 million worth of face masks because of the controversial quality, and this happened after the country criticized the poor quality face mask expert. Spain, the Netherlands, and Turkey have also confiscated thousands of masks that they consider to be of poor quality. While most of the masks seized in these countries came from China, the country has published new rules according to which the exported protective equipment has to meet international standards.

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