Belgium plans to lift the lockdown measures against coronavirus

Belgium plans to lift the lockdown measures against coronavirus

Countries around the world have taken different measures to deal with the current coronavirus pandemic, which has killed over 197,400 people worldwide. The measures stopped schools, businesses, and social events to curb the spread of this contagious virus. Some measures have also harmed the economy.

But some countries are now taking steps to lift the restrictions and measures before the solution or cure for the outbreak has been found. The world hopes the trials of Oxford University’s COVID-19 vaccine be positive, given after the close hope, the Remdesivir as the cure, failed in its first randomized trial.

While the virus is still raving the world, Belgium has become one of the other nations planning to loosen or lift the lockdown measures that have been put in place to curb the spread of the virus. Prime Minister Sophie Wilmes announced on Friday after hours of discussion that the country has set plans to gradually lift the restrictions in force.

The plan is to open all stores starting May 11th, and schools will follow the following week. However, the prime minister warned that the plan was not permanent and could, therefore, be changed.

The country, with over 11.6 million inhabitants and a high per capita income across Europe, has confirmed over 44,200 coronavirus cases. In the same country, over 6600 COVID-19 deaths have been registered and most have come from nursing homes.

As the lockdown that began on March 12 is gradually lifted, shops selling fabrics are to be opened first. This is to ensure that all Belgians from the age of 12 wear the mask when using public transport.

For schools that are due to open a week later, the guidelines apply that there should be no more than 10 children in the class.

Belgium is not the only country in all of Europe that has announced a plan to lift the measures that has been in place to suppress the spread of coronavirus. Some other European countries have already announced a plan to relax their restrictions.

The Czech Republic announced on Friday that its free movement restrictions would be relaxed.

Some stores in Germany have been reopened and schools are scheduled to open on May 4th.

Elsewhere, the first Welsh Prime Minister, Mark Drakeford is working on plans to lift the lockdown across the country.

Dr. Andrew Goodall said the number of newly confirmed cases in Wales is now stabilizing and the daily deaths from the virus have decreased as well.

A further 110 new coronavirus deaths were registered on Friday, bringing the total number of deaths to 751 across the country.

During television briefing at Cardiff, Goodall said the number of coronavirus patients in hospitals and intensive care units is falling. He said that more than half of the beds in Wales and 47% of beds in acute hospitals are currently free.

As it is now, England is the only nation in Europe that has no plans or proposals to relax its restrictions.

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