Remdesivir fails first COVID-19 trial

Remdesivir fails first COVID-19 trial

Coronavirus is still raving the world and up to now there is no vaccine or remedy after five months since it broke out late last year. As the world continues to fight this invisible enemy, there has been some theories recommending certain drugs to be working in the treatment of this contagious virus without clinical trials.

 One medical substance that has been claimed to be a potential antiviral drug for the coronavirus is Remdesivir. However, the drug has been reported to fail in its randomized clinical trial.

 Although there was great hope that Remdesivir could be shown to be effective in treating COVID-19, it failed in the early stages of the study. This is a disappointment to many scientists and investors who had high hopes that the Remdesivir drug would be a solution to the current pandemic, which has killed over 195,000 people worldwide.

  According to a document accidentally published by the World Health Organization (WHO), the drug showed no result in improving COVID-19 patients or reducing the presence of the pathogen in the bloodstream.

 However, the US company Gilead Sciences, which manufactures the drug, criticized the document’s mischaracterization of the study.

 In testing the effectiveness of this medicine, researchers in China used 237 patients who were injected with 158 and their progress was monitored compared to the remaining 79 patients who showed no positive results. Instead, it showed some significant side effects in some patients. It was claimed that 18 of the patients responded negatively to the drug.

 The document that spilled this hopeful-killer news was mistakenly published, according to the WHO. It is a draft document that was yet to be peer-reviewed.

  The document was removed as soon as the error was noticed and, according to Gilead, the drug manufacturer, it should not be a statistically significant conclusion.

 The results of the study are therefore inconclusive, although trends in the data show potential benefits for Remdesivir, especially in the patients who were treated at the beginning of the disease.

  News of the drug caused Gilead shares to decline. The stock peaked near $ 84 last weeks after the hopes that Remdesivir would prove the cure for COVID-19. But now it fell to around $ 77.78 on Thursday.

 However, this doesn’t mean the end of the road for the drug, and several ongoing studies will soon provide a clearer picture of drug use.

 To date, evidence of Gilead’s use of Remdesivir to treat Covid-19 has been based on studies that did not meet solid scientific standards, were randomized, and had a control arm. There are several ongoing phase 3 studies designed to provide the additional data needed to determine the potential of Remdesivir to treat Covid-19.

 These researches help to inform who is to be treated, when and for how long to be treated with Remdesivir. The researchers are either fully enrolled for basic analysis or on track to be fully enrolled shortly. So, the drug has some trials before it declared infective to treat covid-19.

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