US navy to destroy Iranian warships harassing US ships

US navy to destroy Iranian warships harassing US ships

US President Donald Trump confirmed on Wednesday morning via a Twitter message that he had instructed the US Navy to destroy any Iranian gunboats that harass American ships.

The United Navy is now ordered to shoot down and destroy some or all of the Iranian gunboats that bother American ships at sea.

However, Trump cited no particular event and gave no further details in his tweet confirmation. The White House also has not given response to the Tweet from Mr. president.

According to a senior Pentagon official, Trump’s tweet is said to warn Tehran. However, it is suggested that the U.S. military maintain its existing right to self-defense instead of acting against its rules.

Deputy Secretary of Defense David Norquist said the tweet was an important warning to Iranians and stressed that American ships should retain the right to self-defense.

The Iranian armed forces said through their spokesman in response to Trump’s tweet that the US should focus on saving its military from the coronavirus.

Abolfazl Shekarchi said that instead of harassing others, the Americans should make every effort to save the members of their armed forces who are now fighting the coronavirus after an infection.

About a week ago, it was reported that the Iranian Navy’s 11 ships were approaching US Revolutionary Corps.

The Revolutionary Guard admitted on Sunday that it had had a tense encounter with US warships in the Gulf recently, but claimed to provide no evidence that US forces had triggered the incident.

The U.S. and Iranian water forces were routinely in a tense encounter in the Gulf and its narrow estuary, the Strait of Hormuz, through which 20% of the world’s oil flows.

The Revolutionary Guard had announced on Wednesday that it had put the country’s first military satellite into orbit, and had dramatically unveiled what experts called a secret space program, with a surprising start that took place amid major tensions with the United States.

According to the official website of the Elite Force, the launched satellite will orbit 425 km and will be a great success and a new development in space for Islamic Iran.

The launch immediately raised concerns for experts on whether the technology used could help Iran develop ICBMs.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Iran should be held accountable for what it did. He added that they had no military organization that the United States called a terrorist attempt to launch a satellite.

Since Trump pulled the U.S. out of Iran’s landmark nuclear deal in 2018, tensions have arisen between these two countries.

The murder of the head of the Iranian elite Quds force, Qassen Soleimani, also caused more tension earlier this year. Iran returned the revenge on January 8 with a missile attack on the Iraqi base of Ain al-Assad, where US forces were stationed. No U.S. troops were killed or physically injured immediately, but more than 100 were later diagnosed with traumatic brain injury.

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