Germany to make face mask compulsory in the fight against coronavirus

Germany to make face mask compulsory in the fight against coronavirus

As Germany continues to fight the current outbreak of the coronavirus, various governors have announced that face masks are mandatory for every citizen who goes outside or who uses public transport.

Bremen was the last federal region to support the decision of making face masks compulsory.
If this decision is made, it means that all citizens across Germany must wear face masks when using public transport or going shopping.

Germany is not the first nation to consider whether face masks should become mandatory. Other countries have already passed the rule. In Australia, it is mandatory to wear a face mask while shopping in line with the rule passed earlier this month.

The mandatory face mask in Germany can be an important approach to curb the increase in new cases. There are currently over 149,000 cases and 5,127 deaths confirmed nationwide.

On Wednesday, 281 new deaths were confirmed, which made it to two consecutive days of the increase in death.

The country also hopes that a vaccine will be found soon. The federal vaccine institute has conducted human clinical trials for a possible vaccine. And it seems that citizens are ready to take part in the study, as over 200 healthy volunteers ages 18 to 55 have agreed to be tested on the variants of the drug.

Oxford University scientists are also expected to begin testing their vaccine on humans this Thursday. At the moment, however, the country should expect a face mask to be mandatory for everyone outdoors.

However, some states do not abide by the rule, while other states already enforced the rule on Monday,   even before it is passed by the national legislature.

Apart from the 16 states that have passed the rule for face masks to be mandatory in public transport, Berlin is going in the other direction.

Other states have already passed a fine for everyone found by public transportation minus one. In the northern state of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, a fine of $27 is imposed on every regular offender.

Though, the face mask has become an important part in the fight against the coronavirus but since the outbreak, World Health Organization (WHO) officials have believed that the face mask should only be used for those who are already infected or who are taking care of the infected, but NOT for everybody.

Unclaimed research suggests that the face mask is ineffective and can lead to infection if used incorrectly. Their effectiveness does not come close to washing your hands with soap and water.
Masks will soon be mandatory across Europe. Germany only follows the suit of Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In Spain, masks are handed over to commuters, and France plans to provide enough masks to all citizens before they become mandatory.

With governments taking measures to make face masks mandatory, no one knows if they will provide effective protection against COVID-19 infections. But it remains that if used properly, they can protect.

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