President Donald Trump to sign orders halting immigration into the US

President Donald Trump to sign orders halting immigration into the US

US President Donald Trump has announced that he will put a signature on an executive order to provisionally suspend all immigration to the United States amidst the coronavirus. The president sent the message on Twitter and described the virus attack as an invisible enemy. American jobs need to be protected without further details. It was also not clear when the President would sign the orders and which programs might also be affected.

It is also not clear who will be immediately affected by Mr. Trump’s announcement, where we haven’t heard a response from the Whitehouse.

The tweet followed some critics that the government could use the pandemic as a scapegoat to restrict immigration.

The Whitehouse believes the country has seen the worst virus and should now be reopened. Trump’s announcement late Monday, in addition to the current popular movement restriction introduced by various states to curb the spread of COVID-19, has paralyzed the economy.

Last month, the US stopped processing visas, including for immigrants, for fear of this contagious virus that spread like a storm.

The U.S. government has also decided with Canada and Mexico to extend the limit on inter-travel that is not considered essential to mid-May.

And in the past few weeks, the government has used emergency powers to drive thousands of undocumented migrants along the US-Mexico border.

Over 20 million Americans have applied for unemployment in the past four weeks. This is about as many jobs as employers have added in the past decade.

Although the country appears to have passed the peak of the pandemic, there are still new cases reported every day. By April 20, over 792,930 cases and 42,518 deaths with 72,389 recoveries were confirmed, according to Worldometers.

These numbers should not ignore Donald Trump’s announcement to contain the virus from outside the United States. His track record of enforcing Twitter guidelines is decidedly mixed. The details of his temporary ban on immigration announced a few hours before midnight on Monday, will throw considerable light on the breadth and lawfulness of his actions.

However, it is no undisclosed that Mr. Trump and some key consultants have long perceived immigration as an outflow rather than a national benefit. And the text of his tweet that the move is necessary not only to protect the nation’s health but “the jobs of its large American citizens,” just emphasizes this.

There is no doubt that the proposal, in whatever form, is vigorously rejected by immigration groups, some business interests, and the President’s ideological opponents. That’s probably fine with a man who loves to draw political lines of war and incite his opponents whenever possible.

Four years ago, the president advocated an aggressive platform against immigration, including a complete, albeit temporary, ban on all Muslims from entering the country. Now that a tough re-election campaign is imminent, he has found a similarly combative measure to assert himself.

Thoughts of many, the announcement could be used as a campaign weapon.

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