Germany cancels Oktoberfest amid coronavirus

Germany cancels Oktoberfest amid coronavirus

There is no doubt that the coronavirus has stopped major social activities around the world. Top leagues and sporting events around the world have been stopped following various government orders to allow gathering of certain people amid the coronavirus.

In Germany, top social events from music festivals to major sporting events were canceled and others were suspended until at least the end of August.

The Oktoberfest, which was to take place from September 19 to October 4, is the youngest victim of the current blocking measures in Germany. The largest beer festival in the world has been canceled by officials and will not take place this year.

The Oktoberfest is one of the largest folk festivals in the world, which takes place every year and usually attracts millions of visitors around the world. But on Tuesday and from officials it is now clear that it will not be possible this year due to the outbreak of the corona virus.

Although Germany shows some signs of reopening by allowing some small businesses to operate, major events are still banned until the end of August. While the Oktoberfest was to be held after the August 31, which the current ban on major events will end, the event will not take place.

Markus Soder told a journalist that he could not imagine that such a big event would be possible. He added that it was a decision between him and the Mayor of Munich to cancel the event following government guidelines for major events and public meetings.

While it was an important cultural and tourist event, its cancellation is a major blow to the Bavarian economy. This also means that millions of people who are ready to take part in this year’s edition will have to miss their favorite event and wait a year.

A few weeks ago there was an idea from the Oktoberfest vendors that hovered in the air that it would be possible for a Min Oktoberfest. This would only be possible for locals in and around Munich. However, the idea failed after the city officials were grim.

This is not the first time that the event has been canceled. It had previously gone through the same thing in Germany during the two world wars and the period of hyperinflation. It was also canceled in 1854 and 1873 due to cholera outbreaks.

It is a surprise and not a wish of many fans of the event. However, it remains unclear whether the event can be recalled if the current situation relaxes or a solution is found. We are sure that it will be canceled now, even though the country is taking some steps to ease some of the restrictions like opening stores.

But if you’re a die-hard fan who was already ready to take part in this year’s edition, there is still hope. This is due to the reopening in some parts of Europe. There may also be some hopes as Italy is now reopening some of their businesses, and which has been the most affected country in Europe.

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