US citizens protest over COVID-19 mitigation measures

US citizens protest over COVID-19 mitigation measures

US citizens across the country have taken to the streets to protest the COVID-19 mitigation measures. They call on the government and state governors to relax some of the restrictions and reopen the economy that was closed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Rallies in the states of Arizona, Colorado, Montana, and Washington were observed on Sunday. There is a demand that the existing restrictions on the spread of COVID-19 be lifted or relaxed, even if it is too early for economic reasons. Even President Donald Trump supports these demonstrators after seeing his claim that he has the authority to overturn any government-revoked COVID-19 measures, which was overturned by state governors.

While U.S. citizens choose the approach, the country is still the epicenter of the virus. In the country over 767,000 cases with over 40,700   deaths from the virus has been confirmed making it the highest affected nation worldwide.

Though the superpower nation now looks to be at the height of the pandemic, the relaxation of the restriction now seems too early and may reverse hopes.

In the state of Washington, which at a time was the virus hotspot before New York become the most affected state, hundreds of people gathered in the capital city Olympia demanding the governor to relax the rules that are undermining the economy.

According to the area police, there were an estimate of more than 2500 people in the crowd. This was the largest crowd that has protested over lockdown measures in recent weeks.

While the crowd was huge, no social distancing guidelines were followed, and no one paid attention to the rally organizers’ request that the crowd wears protective masks during the protest.

There were relatively few protesters seen in Helena in the state of Montana. Other states in which protesters of similar size also showed up were Colorado and Denver.

There was drama in other state. Protesters who clogged the streets with cars to protest met with a protest from peer healthcare workers at the crossroads.

The protestation has forced various governors to hold talks to reopen after a slowdown in number of new cases is being monitored.

However, some governors are yet to be shaken by the protest and maintain the restrictions set.

The governor of California, Gavin Newson, who was the first to enforce the state-wide order to stay at home and where the most populous state was closed, maintains the restriction even after the protest.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo, who has announced plans to extend home stay measures until May 15, doesn’t seem to be relaxing either.

During his daily meeting on Sunday, the governor urged residents to remain cautious and not to be desperate to find a way to reopen the state.

Although the state is trying hard to keep going, Mr. Cuomo said it is still important to ensure that the beast should be under control before the restriction is lifted. The governor believes that only half of the entire situation is resolved.

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