Medics in Mumbai tests positive of coronavirus

Medics in Mumbai tests positive of coronavirus

There is no claim that there is a scarcity or shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) in India, but over 200 medical professionals have tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Over 36 medics working at the Upmarket Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai have tested positive for COVID-19. While it is the financial center, medical professionals who tested positive on-site have raised concerns.

The over 200 infections among medical professionals who work in state and private hospitals in the city of over 18 million people have raised concerns as to whether they are using the correct protective equipment or whether they are taking sufficient precautions when dealing with COVID-19 patients.

The subject was classified as chaotic by Swati Rane, vice president of the Clinical Nursing Society, who continues to work during this pandemic.

She adds that the main source of infection is currently not only the COVID-19 ward but also the non-covid19 wards, emergency rooms and the operating rooms of the hospital.

Doctors and staff at the non-COVID-19 stations assume they are not at risk, and many do not even take the precaution of wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), unlike those on the COVID-19 Work stations.

Many of these employees at the non-Covid19 stations don’t even wear N-95 masks, gloves, and dresses that are very important.

Rane also believes that patients could be the carriers. Those who visit non-COVID-19 wards can have mild symptoms and contact with medical personnel can lead to infections.

Also, the doctors infected at the non-COVID-19 station then go to other departments and spread the infection by coming into contact with other employees. In addition, many nurses stay in facilities that share the mess and toilets. They even share entertainment rooms and in this scenario, others become vulnerable to the virus if one is infected.

Although Rane says there is no shortage of PPE equipment in Mumbai, there was an anonymous doctor who is working in a government hospital and said that this essential supply was scarce.

The issue of medical infection was first addressed in writing by five organizations representing the medical staff to Mumbai Community Commissioner Praveen Pardeshi.

What is worrying here is that the nurses, whose results are negative, will resume their work immediately before the 14-day quarantine period has expired.

Athavale said PPE is available, but not enough to be given to all personnel, and therefore the employees who work at the COVID-19 station are prioritized.

In India, Mumbai is a hotbed for this coronavirus, and the availability of medical personnel is even more important. The city has confirmed over 2,000 cases and more than 100 deaths. Nationwide, over 16,000 were confirmed and over 519 deaths registered.

The government of these worlds, the second-populous nation, has announced one of the strictest barriers to curb the spread of the virus, which has killed over 150,000 people worldwide.

All in all, it is not only in Mumbai or India, where the doctors test positive. It all started in Italy, where even some doctors succumbed to the virus after contracting when treating infected patients.

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