UK to maintain lockdown for other weeks

UK to maintain lockdown for other weeks

In the UK, over 100,000 cases with over 13,000 coronavirus deaths have been confirmed. While this number lags behind Spain and Italy with 182,000 and 168,000 confirmed cases respectively, it is expected that the UK’s peak in cases might come before the end of April which will be followed with a steady decline in cases.

However, it remains unclear whether the country will end social distancing or lifting of restriction as soon as possible. But based on what Raab, who is now debuting Boris Johnson, said during the daily briefing on Downing Street on April 16, the lockdown will continue for at least three weeks.

The Secretary of State asked the British public to be patient during this time. He said that easing up too soon could be the worst mistake, as this can lead to a second wave of the virus, which might in return affect both the NHS and the British people. And that would be the worst result not only for the public but also for the UK economy and the country as a whole.

He said that the country has already sacrificed a lot and early easing may not achieve the intended goal. However, the UK Foreign Secretary did not comment on how measures should be eased in some areas and stepped up in other areas.

All in all, the message shouldn’t come as a surprise to the UK as it is of enormous importance to everyone in the country.

Most of the ministers from devolved administrations across the UK are ready to maintain the ban. Ministers in Westminster, however, were very reluctant to speak about a future exit strategy, fearing that this could distract the current order of staying at home.

Talking about loosening the restriction may not sound like a lot of detail, but it may be crucial as cases are still on the rise. Moreover, it has been made clear that masks are not enough. The UK’s top doctor, Professor Whitty, said face masks are far more important to health and nursing staff.

Over 2 million cases have been confirmed worldwide. Some countries have already taken the step to relax the restrictions. On Wednesday, schools in Denmark were opened to children up to the age of 11. In Spain and Italy, some shops and stores have been reopened.

So it can still be valid to say that things could change in the UK soon. From the point of view of things,  every movement in the same direction will be staggered, gradual and careful.

While the step aims to ensure that the NHS is not overwhelmed, more testing should be done as an essential part of infection control.

All of this should be enforced as both the country and the world are waiting for the ultimate way out. It is a wish of every country around the world that a vaccine is found so that many things that have been stopped through mitigation measures can be resumed.


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