The US open to run as scheduled under closed doors

The US open to run as scheduled under closed doors

The coronavirus which has killed over 145,000 people worldwide, has also proofed to be a threat to sports.

While many of the world’s sports activities have come to a standstill due to various coronavirus containment measures , there is some hope that some sports will soon establish a recovery plan.

The US Open tournament, which attracts millions of viewers, is now on the list of sports that could not be postponed. Although the decision as to whether it will go as planned in August 31st, is expected to be made in June, sources claim that it is likely to come back under closed doors.

The US Tennis Association (USTA) has set up an advisory group made up of medical experts to determine whether running the tournament is safe.
The tournament is staged in place in New York, a city in the state with many cases across the country. Over 16,000 people in the city have been confirmed dead from the virus, and the state government has extended the lockdown to May 15.

Nearly three-quarters of a million people attended the US Open final last year, and when questioned if the tournament would be played without fans, USTA chief Mike Dowse answered, at the moment anything is not off the table. However, he insisted that there is a high chance for it

As with any sporting event, fans are an important ingredient, and playing the US Open minus fans will ruin the live experience.

Even if it is not really in the spirit of the tennis, it goes back to the health and well-being of the players, support workers and the same fans amid this contagious corona virus.

If the designated medical advisory group does not find a solution that really proves that it is actually safe to play the tournament with fans on board, it will take place under a closed door.

Still, even if it returns takes place under the closed door, there will be thousands involved, from players and staff who run the tournament.

On the other hand, if the tournament plays without fans, it will mean that USTA misses out on the ticket, food, drink, and merchandise sales. They will only be able to meet their commitment to the broadcaster but will make losses paying the players.

USTA intends to run the tournament as planned but has previously indicated that the possibility of postponing it in the fall may be explored.

Other top tennis tournaments have also been postponed. The French Tennis Federation has postponed Roland Garros and it will be played starting September 20 to October 4.

Unfortunately, it is bad news for Wimbledon fans as the tournament, which was due to take place on June 29, has been canceled.

For the US Open, there is time for a decision. Although the health and well-being of players, fans and employees are the driving factors behind the expected decision, it also depends on how the situation will be across the country. The set time frame in June seems to be the right time to make a decision.

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