Personal protective equipment scarce in the UK

Personal protective equipment scarce in the UK

As the world fights with coronavirus, personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves, and gowns are in high demand. Doctors, healthcare workers, or nurses need these basics to safely treat COVID-19 patients. The virus is highly contagious and it can be risky to approach infected patients.

There are over 108,000 cases with over 14,000 deaths across the UK. There are over 2.25 million cases worldwide, with over 154,000 confirmed deaths from the virus.

Because Britain, like the other country affected by the pandemic, is responding to contain the spread, it has run out of supply.

Personal protective equipment in the UK is currently inadequate and doctors and nurses may be asked to treat coronavirus patients without full protection. They might also be asked to reuse some PPE like gowns.

It was projected on Friday after the decision to reverse the guidelines for public health hospitals in England, that PPE will be in low supply within a short period of time. NHS had previously warned that supplies could be used up in 24 hours.

Chris Hopson, said the country had reached the point where national stocks of fully liquid-repellent clothing and long-sleeved lab coats will be scarce in the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours.

He added that the national leaders have done everything, but the gowns that were ordered a few weeks ago only arrive in seizures and small dozes.

England’s public health guidelines on the use of long-sleeved, liquid-repellent disposable gowns for those who care for COVID-19 patients have been changed due to a supply shortage.

Now medical personnel can use washable medical gowns or non-liquid repellent ones. The change in guidelines is to deal with acute supply shortages.

The Ministry of Health spokesman said today that new advice has been issued to ensure that frontline personnel knows which PPE to wear as a replacement to minimize the risk of infection if there is a shortage in any area.

And Health Minister Matt Hancock said he would like to be able to use a magic wand to increase the range of personal protective equipment (PPE) available. Mr. Hancock admits that the supply of gowns is scarce, but strives to get enough before the end of this weekend.

However, given the current situation that has created a worldwide demand for this PPE more than what can be produced, it can be very difficult, and Matt Hancock also acknowledges the fact. He added that the government was working to cover PPE shortage.

The Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the British Medical Association, Dr. Rob Harwood said if it is suggested that staff reuse the equipment, it should be done after the scientists’ approval, rather than on the availability that could jeopardize health care workers.

This should be emphasized as many doctors died after being infected with the virus while caring for infected patients. So there is no further expectation that doctors and their colleagues will continue to risk their lives to save others. However, the new guidelines imply this.

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