Oxford University to disseminate dozens of COVID-19 vaccines by September

Oxford University to disseminate dozens of COVID-19 vaccines by September

The world is in need of the covid19 virus vaccine, which has killed over 154,000 people. While it is a wish of every person and every country in the world that the vaccine is found sooner than later, Oxford University has raised some hopes.

Many scientists and research institutions around the world have joined the race to research and find an effective, safe and protective COVID-19 vaccine. Others have already found a pre-solution and are currently conducting trials with what they consider to be an effective COVID-19 vaccine.

It is estimated that over 80 different groups worldwide, including large pharmaceutical companies, are trying to develop an effective vaccine. The only problem is the immediate demand for the vaccine, and now the work, which normally takes years, should be concentrated to months before the global economic decline continues and the virus continues to dominate.

If enough people become immune, the coronavirus cannot spread as effectively and social distance measures would no longer be necessary. This implies that the world that is now coming to a standstill while many companies, businesses, schools, institutions, and sports that have been affected by the mitigation measures, resumes again.

The University of Oxford, being one of the anticipated groups to find the vaccine will run the first test using a human being. Their project has been supported by the British government.

University scientists have said their vaccine could be launched in millions dozen by September of this year at the latest. However, the UK government says it is impossible to schedule the vaccine because there is no guarantee.

University scientists are expected to begin testing their first patient vaccine next week. So it is early to know whether what they have found is safe or effective.

Most experts assume that it will take at least 12 to 18 months to conclude whether one of the vaccines is effective for human use. Because it is designed to train the immune system to prevent people from developing a disease like COVID-19 and it takes time to approve such a drug.

While the team at Oxford University has been preparing for a pandemic like what the world is experiencing currently, they should find a solution.

It is believed that they have already created a genetically modified chimpanzee virus that serves as the basis for research into the human vaccine.

The big question that also affects everyone else who wants a solution is whether the vaccine actually works. Prof. Sarah Gilbert, the leading researcher in the development of this vaccine, is only 80% certain that it will work.

The team is already laying down some plans to start mass production before it is approved effectively. This shows how certain they are with their findings. They hope that the vaccine will prove effective in the next few months.  However, given the current lockdown measure that has been imposed by various nations around the world and the number of cases appears to have decreased, it can be challenging to prove the effectiveness of the vaccine.

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