China yet to defeat the coronavirus pandemic

China yet to defeat the coronavirus pandemic

In the past few weeks, everyone has been referring to China in the fight against the COVID-19. This has been from Wuhan, the capital of the Chinese province of Hubei with over 11 million inhabitants, which had been blocked for eleven consecutive weeks earlier but now has been reopened to the public.

The city where the outbreak of the coronavirus started late last year had a high death rate nationwide, and its opening to the public was a sign that the situation was contained.

However, it appears the Wuhan is now fighting the second wave of infections. This was illustrated by the 1290 deaths registered on Friday. The city now has a total of 3,869 deaths from the previous 2,579 deaths. This means that the number of deaths nationwide increases by 50% to 4,632. China is now the seventh country to be hit hardest worldwide

China has been accused of covering up cases and deaths across the country, but Wuhan officials attributed the new numbers.

In a statement released on Friday, Wuhan officials said the numbers were a combination of several new data coming from multiple sources, including outside of hospitals. Deaths from the virus outside the hospital, such as deaths at home had not previously been registered.

And with an accusation from outside, particularly from the United States, it has followed the agency’s efforts to ensure that information about the city’s COVID-19 epidemic is open, transparent, and accurate.

The statement states that earlier, hospitals and healthcare systems were overwhelmed by rising cases, which resulted in falsely recording where, in some cases, the cases were counted twice while others were left out altogether.

They also said that there was a lack of test facilities in the early stages and many cases were not recorded.

China’s National Health Commission spokesman, MI Feng, said new numbers come from a comprehensive review of the epidemic data.

The State Department said during its daily press conference that the allegation of a cover-up, particularly from US President Donald Trump, is unfounded. The spokesman added that they will never agree.

 Aside from scrutinizing the numbers coming from China, there were also concerns about Beijing’s handling of the epidemic, especially in the early stages.

After cases were circulated in Wuhan, the Chinese authorities launched an investigation into the mysterious viral pneumonia that was killing people. The World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations’ global health agency, was then informed of the epidemic. But WHO experts were allowed to enter the country on February 10 to investigate the outbreak, and by then the virus had spread inexorably.

At the same time, a doctor was silenced by the authorities after warning his colleagues of a dangerous infection. Unfortunately, the same doctor died of the same COVID-19.

This has led to several weeks of the world accusing China of handling the pandemic and on reporting the cases. There was a conclusion that China has deliberately under-reported the cases, making it appear that its cities are successfully handling the emergency.

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