The United States cuts WHO funding on accusations of being biased

The United States cuts WHO funding on accusations of being biased

US President Donald Trump has instructed his government to stop funding the World Health Organization (WHO) by accusing them of failing to meet their basic duty during this coronavirus outbreak.

Trump accuses the UN agency of having mistreated and covered up the spread of the virus after it appeared in China. The WHO has also been criticized for being biased towards China.

Trump believes the body didn’t adequately assess the outbreak when it first appeared in Wuhan. He believes that if the WHO had sent medical experts to China to objectively assess the local situation, they could have described it as a lack of transparency and the outbreak could have been contained at its source.

The UN agency receives the largest funding from the United States and received USD 400 million in 2019, which is almost 15% of its budget.

The UN chief replied to Trump’s statement about stopping WHO funding that this was not the right time. The Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, called on the international community to stand in solitary confinement to combat this virus. He added that the WHO is convinced that it will be supported, as this is crucial in this time when the world is fighting Covid19.

A decision as to whether the U.S. will continue to fund the agency will be made later, and according to Trump, it won’t take earlier than 60 days and later than 90 days.

Top personalities around the world have also responded to this issue of US halting the funding to WHO. One is the German Foreign Minister, who has tweeted that strengthening the underfunded WHO was one of the best investments that could be made at that time.

Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates also tweeted that it would be so dangerous to stop funding WHO if the world goes into what it sounds like.

Although Trump criticizes the UN agency, he has also been shot at for how he dealt with the pandemic. He has been accused of acting too slowly to stop the virus, and many believe he may be trying to distract persistent criticism.

Democrats have accused Trump of trying to redirect the blame for his own advantage over the upcoming elections. However, many Republicans are to the point that, WHO funding should indeed be stopped.

Trump is not the only person who lands an ax on WHO. The body has been scrutinized several times for its response to the outbreak. At the beginning of January, the organization tweeted that Chinese preliminary investigations had shown that the virus could not be transmitted from person to person and   this has not been the case. As a result, many personalities tweeted accusing the WHO of believing too much in China administration.

At the end of January, the agency was also scrutinized after suggesting that travel restrictions not be necessary to stop the spread of COVID-19. The instructions were eventually ignored and travel bans were enforced by various countries around the world, including the United States.

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