Denmark steps to reopen schools amid coronavirus pandemic

Denmark steps to reopen schools amid coronavirus pandemic

It is still not safe for the world in the midst of this corona virus. Over 200,000 cases and over 130,000 deaths from this virus have been confirmed worldwide.

While cases are still on the rise, different government administrations are considering easing some of the mitigation measures that have been implemented to fight this pandemic.

Denmark is the first country in Europe to ease the restriction and have now reopened its schools. The country, which has confirmed 6,681 cases, has reopened schools for children up to the age of 11. Mette Frederiksen, the Danish Prime Minister, welcomed children when they went back to school in the capital, Copenhagen.

In the fight against the corona virus, Denmark was one of the countries that put the barriers in place to curb the spread where schools have been closed since March 12th.

Denmark was praised for its rapid restriction of movement before the COVID-19 infection spread unstoppably.

The head of the SSI Institute for Infectious Diseases said the blocking measures reduced the number that one positive case can infect from 2.6 to 0.6.

Although the blocking measures have led to a reduction in several new cases, critics warn that the strategy is risky.

The Danish Union of BUPL’s early childhood educator Elisa Rimpler told the BBC that it is still nervous and that hygiene rules should be followed.

She added that hand washing continues to be a priority and also keeping distance is still needed where there is no mask.

The step towards reopening schools for children under the age of 11 came after the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Layen, on Wednesday presented a roadmap for a gradual relaxation of restrictions across the 27-state bloc. However, it was not to be followed immediately.

The Commission adopted key measures after several new cases declined, health system capacity, surveillance and monitoring increased.

He added that there will be an online meeting for government organizations to find money for the vaccine.

Denmark was not the only one to consider relaxing the restrictions. Other countries have followed the example and are now easing the lockdown measures.

One of the countries is Australia, which reopened thousands of smaller stores on Tuesday. The country will also allow the resumption of some sports such as tennis, golf and athletics from May 1st.

The Czech government has set a five-step schedule for reopening stores, and in six weeks, things will resume across the country. Spain has also allowed essential workers to return to work after a two-week break. Italy has likewise allowed some bookstores and clothing stores to be opened for young people.

This Wednesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel will speak to the country’s 16 prime ministers about easing restrictions. According to reports, they are expected to gradually reopen the shops and further relax the mitigation measures starting next Monday.

Trump also has claimed that he has total power and will call lifting the restriction that has imposed in different states.

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