Trump stops rumors of firing US infectious disease experts

Trump stops rumors of firing US infectious disease experts

Amid the rumor mill originating from Twitter that Trump was pushing to fire the top US infectious disease expert, trump canceled everything on Monday during his daily coronavirus briefing.

Earlier, the president has declared that he likes the respected doctors who have been on the same page from the start. Trump, thinks that the Doctor is a nice guy though everyone might not be happy with the expert.

It all started when the US president on Sunday retweeted with #Firefauci in the call to fire the Anthony Fauci, after the expert in infectious diseases claimed that more lives could have been saved if, the US opted for shutting down measures earlier amid coronavirus outbreak. 

Trump also denounced the New York Times story in several tweets on the same Sunday where he called it fake without further explanation.

It was not a common thing as the republican president only criticized himself as opposed to retweeting the criticism. This fueled speculation that Trump has run out patience with the popular scientist and could be going to fire him.

The original #Firefauci tweet was posted by a former Republican congressional candidate who was referencing to the scientist’s comments during an interview on television.

Fauci has been a national prominence in the fight against coronavirus. He has advised and corrected Trump on scientific matters, including if the anti-malaria Hydroxychloroquine could be effective against this novel virus.

Fauci while interviewing on CNNs, was asked to give a review about the New York Times report documenting early warning issued to white house about novel coronavirus. The expert replied that shutting down the country sooner could have saved a lot of lives. However, cautioned that several factors were involved.

Though the doctor has been contradicting and correcting the president on scientific matters concerning coronavirus, on Monday he conceded that he used a poor choice of words during the CNN interview.

He added that it would nice if there was a better head start but insisted that it can be concluded that the country is where it is because of one factor and marked it as complicated.

Later on Monday, Fauci said that Trump listened to his advice when he advised that the mitigation measures be taken to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

During the last week’s daily white house coronavirus briefing, Trump stepped in and prevented Fauci who was about to answer Hydroxychloroquine question.

The 79-year-old expert has been leading the federal in matters concerning infectious disease agency since 1984. He was even honored by the Republican George W. Bush who gave him a presidential medal of freedom in 2008. The scientist has been of key task force member of the white house during this fight against coronavirus.

In some polls that have taken recently, shows that many Americans are now trusting the scientist more than Trump during this crisis moment. Dr. Fauci incurred more supporters after he told CNN that more lives could have saved if the mitigation measures were laid down earlier than before.

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