Trump claims power to reopen the US economy

Trump claims power to reopen the US economy

With the corona virus taking the world by storm, many countries are considering loosening some of the mitigation measures set that are now threat to the economy.

It started in Wuhan, the capital of the Chinese province of Hubei, where corona viruses were first reported at the end of last year. The city, which was completely closed for eleven consecutive weeks, has now been reopened to normal businesses.

Spain, the European country with the highest number of confirmed cases, has now allowed more than 300,000 non-essential workers to return to their jobs and businesses.

Italy, with the highest number of confirmed deaths from the virus across Europe, has allowed a narrow number of companies to resume this week.

However, French President Emmanuel Macron has announced that the lockdown will be extended until May 11th, and the British government has stated that no one should expect his lockdown restrictions to change this week.

America which now appears to be the epicenter of the virus after 587,000 positive cases with over 23,600 deaths have been confirmed, the president considers not to ease the restriction.

Though state governors are saying they will do so, President Donald Trump, claims he is the one who have the total power to ease the restrictions nationwide. The US president requested the shot when it was a briefing with reporters.

When one news reporter asked Trump if whether the authority to override stay at home order imposed in different states can come from the president, Trump replied that it was the total authority of each US President and Governor to be aware of it. But he added that the national government would work with the states.

He insisted, the numerous provisions in the United States Charter give him such authority without being specific.

However, it contradicts what governors and experts think of the situation. Legal experts say the president has no power to override state health restrictions at the state level.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf said the governors had the responsibility to shut down the states and believes that they are the ones who are likely to open them.

Some governors have already discussed plans to reopen the economy with no apparent contribution from the Trump administration. Officials from New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut promise a mostly prudent approach, although they have not given a schedule.

California, Washington and Oregon have also announced plans in the same direction.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo spoke to the media about the importance of public health over the economy. Its state has the most cases than any other state in the United States. Although the state has not yet experienced the worst, the governor said, over 190,000 cases with over 10,000 deaths from the virus have been registered.

On Monday, during his daily Whitehouse Coronavirus briefing, Trump said his government is completing a plan to reopen the U.S. economy that is declining amid given measures to curb the coronavirus.

The current restrictions and guidelines that urge people to avoid restaurants and non-essential travel as well don’t hold a meeting of more than ten people expires this coming 30th of April. However, the Trump administration projects that the easing of such restriction could be witnessed starting the 1st of May.

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