UK Government Considers Reviewing the Coronavirus Restrictions

UK Government Considers Reviewing the Coronavirus Restrictions

The UK is now entering another fourth week of closure, with the hope that the government will ease the situation on Thursday. As of Sunday, the total number of coronavirus deaths across the UK reached 10,612.

Based on expert advice, ministers must assess whether the ban has some impact after it has been fully enforced for three weeks.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was released from the hospital, thanked the NHS staff.

Mr. John spent a week at St. Thomas Hospital in London. In the hospital, he spent three days in the intensive care unit. He was treated and released and is now recovering in Checkers, his Buckinghamshire country house.

It remains unclear whether the Prime Minister will take part in Thursday’s review.

After the release, the 55-year-old man videotaped to the nation and thanked the NHS staff. He added that it could have gone the other way without the NHS staff.

He also singled on two nurses, Luis Pitarma from Portugal and Jenny McGee from New Zealand, because they were at his bed and looked after him for 48 hours when he was in critical condition.

Rob, Jenn’s brother in a statement at TVNZ, was proud of what the sister was doing, not just for Boris, but for every patient. He added that the sister is now back in St. Thomas and working the night shift. When asked to see when Boris could go back to work, Health Minister Matt Hancock said that this was a clinical decision and should be decided by his doctors.

During the same briefing at the Downing Street on Sunday, Mr. Hancock insisted that the government is operating perfectly and efficiently within the set strategy.

Mr. Hancock also referred to the 737 coronavirus deaths recorded on Sunday that increased the total to 10,612. He said it was a dark day for the country. The numbers now show UK among the other four countries, the United States, Spain, Italy and France, which have recorded over 10,000 deaths from the virus.

UK could be the most likely one of the worst, if not the most affected, country in Europe, said Sir Jeremy Farrar, a member of the government’s scientific advisory group.

The Foreign Secretary is currently responsible for running the government as the country is waiting for Mr. Johnson’s return.

When speaking a few days before the Easter weekend, the Foreign Minister considered the lifting of the ban too early. He insisted that the restrictions should continue until there is evidence that the UK has passed the peak of the virus.

The Foreign Secretary should rethink his statement with the report from the National Institute for Economic and Social Research (NIESR), which suggests that Britain’s economy could go down 25% if the restrictions persist for another few weeks.

Ministers should weigh measures against the corona virus with an impact on the economy. You should decide when and how to loosen the restriction for the good of the economy.

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