Senator Bernie ends presidential campaign

Senator Bernie ends presidential campaign

Senator Bernie Sanders has suspended his presidential campaign, implying that former Vice President Joe Biden will have a way to become the Democratic Party candidate.

Mr. Sander, 78, confirmed to his supporters on Wednesday that he saw no viable way to get enough votes to win the nomination.

Mr. Biden got a close rival from the Vermont Senator, who was an early frontrunner among young voters but has been slipping back in recent weeks.

The main strategy for success was to make health inequality and income inequality key issues.

Mr. Sanders was one of the left-most candidates in this year’s election cycle. The self-described democratic socialist campaigned mainly for measures such as general health care, free public universities, high taxes on the rich and an increase in minimum wages.

In 2016, Mr. Sander also looked for the same position but lost to Hillary Clinton.

In both elections, most of his supporters were young voters who joined his calls for a political revolution. He also won recommendations from several celebrities, including Ariana Grande, Cardi Miley Cyrus, Dick Van Dyke, and Mark Ruffalo.

Although Mr. Sanders had the votes of younger voters, he lacked some votes from Afro-American voters from the southern states during the 2020 democratic primary election.

Amidst this coronavirus pandemic, MR. Sander hosted his campaigns online and the suspension message to his supporters was also sent online.

In a live stream, Mr. Sander told his supporters that the decision to end his presidential campaign was very difficult and painful because some of the supporters wished he had fought to the very last competition. He believed that there was no viable way to be nominated, and if it did, he would have continued the campaign.

He added that the campaign was changing American awareness of what kind of nation it could become. It has brought the country forward in one big step in the endless struggle for social justice, economic justice, racial justice and environmental justice.

It is also clear that his election campaign received a significant majority of voters not only from voters under 30, but also from voters under 50.
Mr. Sander congratulated Mr. Biden in the same livestream video, saying that they will continue to work together to advance the party’s progressive ideas.

Sander’s withdrawal implies that Mr. Biden 77 will claim the Democratic presidential candidate without contradiction. After being crowned Democratic presidential candidate at the party’s convention, Mr. Biden will face President Donald Trump in the upcoming general election in November.

Biden responded to the news by tweeting shortly after the live stream through Sander and confirming that he knew the senator very well. He added that he is a good man, a great leader, and one of the most powerful voices that can stand up for changes in the country. The former vice president added in a later statement that he was grateful to Mr. Sander for putting US interest above everything else.

Meanwhile, Sander will still maintain on the ballot for the party’s primary election in states that haven’t completed.

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