New York State Coronavirus Cases tops the World

New York State Coronavirus Cases tops the World

Almost four months down, the world has not found a solution to the coronavirus, which is still killing many people. Over 1.6 million cases with over 95,000 deaths have been confirmed worldwide. The US has the highest number of cases, with over 468,895 positive cases, and 16,967 deaths confirmed across the country. New York is the hardest-hit state.

The state of New York has registered more cases than any other country outside the United States. On Thursday, they registered over 10,000 more cases, so they have over 159,000 cases. This puts them ahead of Spain and Italy, which have registered 153,222 and 143,626 cases, respectively. This also means that they have more cases than China, which registered 81,907 cases and where the virus started late last year.

Although New York is a leader in a number of positive active cases, it still lags behind Spain and Italy in number of deaths. The virus has claimed approximately 7,000 lives in New York State. This is below the 15,447 and 18,273 deaths from the virus that have been confirmed in Spain and Italy. However, it is almost twice as many as the 3,336 virus deaths confirmed in China, the source of the outbreak.

Drone footage showed workers burying death in the mass grave. From the same footage, workers can be seen descending a ladder into a huge pit in which the caskets were stacked.

The footage was taken on Hart Island off the Bronx, a place that New York officials have used as mass graves for more than 150 years. At this tomb, the caskets usually come from people who have no relatives or from people whose families cannot afford the funeral expenses.

And according to the Department of Corrections, the burial operation on the site was accelerated amid this new pandemic. Usually it is the prisoners who do the burial, but now that the deaths caused by the virus are increasing, it has forced contractors to do the job.

Earlier this week, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio suggested that the city’s public cemetery be used due to the high death rate amid coronavirus pandemic.

It wasn’t until Thursday that the number of deaths in New York rose by 799, the highest number for three consecutive days. However, the state governor Andrew Cuomo gave up some hopes that the number of new COVID-19 patients admitted to New York hospitals would drop to 200 on the second day.

He added that this is an indication that social distancing has a certain effect. The governor called the pandemic a silent explosion that swept through society with the same randomness.

It was a point of hope as the death toll across the country decreased. This has changed the forecast of the total number of deaths in the end. Currently and according to Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the key members of the White House coronavirus mission, is closer to 60 000 are expected to die from COVID-19 in America. This is a lower number than what was previously projected and which had been set between 100,000 and 200,000.

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