Nations learn from Wuhan amid coronavirus battles

Nations learn from Wuhan amid coronavirus battles

Worldwide, 1,433,825 positive cases, 82,155 deaths and 302,465 recoveries from the virus have been confirmed. As nations around the world grapple with the pandemic, they should learn a few things from Wuhan, one of the capitals in China and other Asian countries where the situation has eased.

China was in the headline when this novel coronavirus broke out late last year. Wuhan, the capital of the Chinese province of Hubei, was the epicenter that also made headlines with a higher number of deaths. This forced the Chinese government to enforce strict measures that included completely closing the city.

But now there is a new dawn in Wuhan and other Asian countries. The city, which has been closed for 11 weeks, has now been reopened and is open to incoming traffic.

Based on the situation in the city, other nations should learn a few things about how the situation here was from top-case to near zero-case, except for that of inbound people.

Wuhan residents have given encouraging words to the rest of the world after emerging from their long ban. What they share can be used by Western countries which are now flying in many positive cases and deaths due to the virus with the speed skyrocket.

The first lesson is to act quickly and seriously. Wuhan said the measures against the virus were quick and serious. Extensive testing, isolation from the infected, and strict social distance were key to zero cases in Wuhan.

Although this is also the case in the United States, they are adopting it to varying degrees, so the cases are still on the rise. Besides, they did not act as quickly as possible.

The second lesson that should also be learned from Wuhan is that it is important not only to test those with symptoms but also to track and isolate those contacts with the infected.

Also, it is important to put in place a mechanism that ensures that those who are ordered to self-isolate do so. In China, those arriving must wear electronic wristbands to track their movements.

The fourth lesson that as well can be learned from Wuhan in the fight of the this-worldly pandemic is early and rigorous social distancing. In Wuhan, the government imposed the largest lock in history. Although more than five million people had left the city before the ban, this was the key to containing the outbreak within the city.

While these are some of the things other nations should repeat if they want to fully fight this pandemic, early adoption can stop and reduce the unnecessary spread of the virus. Even experts in the US believe that more aggressive measures taken across the country will successfully slow down the transfer rate over time, even though the country appears to be at its peak.

It is also pointed out that nations should be aware of the fact that those returning to the border can trigger another wave, even after containment, as is the case in China, South Korea, and Taiwan.

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