Trump issues more warning amid coronavirus

Trump issues more warning amid coronavirus

US President Donald Trump has warned American citizens to prepare for the toughest week over the coronavirus pandemic. The country is forecasting an increase in deaths this week. And during his daily briefing on the nationwide and global coronavirus situation, Trump expects more deaths in the coming days.

However, it was a contradiction when Mr. Trump suggested relaxing the guidelines on social distancing amid this Easter celebration. And when Trump was interviewed on the same issue of easing socially distancing policies over Easter, he repeated a well-known topic: the cure couldn’t be worse than the problem itself and expressed the hope that the rules could actually be relaxed.

President Donald Trump when at the Whitehouse during a press conference on Saturday, he said the country needs to be reopened.  The current situation where some parts of the country are locked is not to be witnessed for months to come.

Though he is calling for relaxation, the cases are still on the rise. Nationwide, 331,519 cases have been confirmed which is currently the highest number in the world. Moreover, by Sunday it had been confirmed that 9,484 lives had been taken by this virus

New York is the worst-affected state in the U.S. The state has recorded over 3,500 deaths and the confirmed cases are more than 113,000. To help fight the virus, Trump has promised medical supplies and military personnel to the state and other states that have hit-hard by this virus.

The government will support the states through the deployment of thousands of soldiers, medical professionals and specialists. He added that military personnel would soon be informed of their duties. He confirmed that 1,000 military personnel were deployed to New York City.

Furthermore, President Trump gave an honest assessment of what’s ahead and predicted that this and the next week will likely be the most difficult. There are expected to be more deaths. However, Mr. President believes that with some actions, it can be much less.

Mr. Trump also discussed the application of the Defense Production Act, a law passed during the Korean War that empowers the U.S. President to control the production and delivery of U.S.-made medical devices. He showed his disappointment with 3M, one of the US companies that make the masks and sell them outside the country.

However, Trump denied the allegations that the United States had committed an act of modern piracy, “by redirecting 200,000 masks bound in Germany for their use.

Despite referring to the topic that the cure couldn’t be worse than the problem, Trump showed his frustration that America is still at a standstill.

He has expressed his wish that people get back to work the soonest and believe that the virus can be resolved quickly. On the other hand, he reiterated his view that the measures taken to mitigate the effects of this COVID-19 will kill more people than those who have died from the disease itself.

Donald Trump also warned that some difficult decisions would have to be made because the country should not be destroyed. The current situation, which has caused the nation to stagnate, should not be tolerated for so long.

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