The Coronavirus Pandemic Digs into EU Unity

The Coronavirus Pandemic Digs into EU Unity

The outbreak of coronavirus pandemic that has claimed over 68,000 lives worldwide, really brings into the question of what the EU is all about. We all know it as the united states of Europe as it is claimed but not the way during this emergency time.

Each European country is battling to protect its population against this dreaded novel coronavirus that is tarnishing many jobs, health, and economy.

The question here is that the rich EU countries such as Germany are not dipping into their pocket to help those financially overwhelmed countries such as Spain and Italy.

However, it can make no sense given that Germany is a sovereign state, facing a similar pandemic that is affecting Spain and Italy. Over 100,000 cases with 1,575 deaths have been confirmed in Germany.

But, there lies the EU which implies the unit of these countries in fighting the crisis like what the world is experiencing now.

Germany as a country has shown some solidarity to the EU. They offered some masks to Italy and accepted patients from France and Italy into its hospitals for treatment.

However, the rejection of the plea from Italy, Spain, France, and other countries that make the EU, in sharing out of coronavirus-incurred debt in the form of corona bonds raises some eyebrows.

In this EU, Italy feels being abandoned. This can be clarified after they bought a page in Germanys’ Frankfurter Newspaper and wrote to remind Germany that they had not to pay back the debts after WW2. The page also criticized the lack of public support in the wealthy Netherlands.

To dig further, there has footage of EU flag burning that has been doing the rounds on social media in Italy.

On Thursday, the former EU deputy prime Minister Matteo Salving in a tweet said that there is a need to re-examine the EU and Italy’s role in it.

Meanwhile, the commission has proposed a program to protect jobs that might be affected by this COVID 19 and the budget has been set at around 107 billion US dollars. Also, it announced that Italy to receive a €50m as an aid to buy the medical equipment. On the other hand, the European Central bank has assured a €750bn as a stimulus package to help maintain the Eurozone afloat.

France is preaching for solidarity among individual EU governments. On Thursday, Bruno Le Maire, the French economy minister declared that all the EU members are now looking for Germany to provide a solution.

The complaints from Italy toward the EU is due to economically suffering that they are facing due to this deadly coronavirus.

In the next meeting, which is set on Tuesday, it is a hope that a compromise solution will be found. But as it is, it will continue to be there a whiff of bitterness among the EU members.

The chief commissioner, Ursula has repeatedly urged that the only effective solution in such a time of crisis can be through flexibility, cooperation, and most importantly solidarity and the UE member should stop individually making their own decisions.

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