Medical supplies short in the UK amid coronavirus

Medical supplies short in the UK amid coronavirus

In the midst of the outbreak of this existing pandemic, hospitals across the UK are working to expand the intensive care bed for critically ill patients. One intensive care doctor when speaking BBC, put more spark on the existing condition by describing the reality of how medical staff and equipment are scarce in Britain.

Several health care workers have told the BBC that UK hospitals are running out of supplies to fight this coronavirus. Although many of them did not want their identity to be revealed, it was a Midlands intensive care doctor who decided to shed the light. However, the BBC decided to hide his real identity by changing his real name.

“Dr. Robert,” told the BBC that hospitals in the UK are overwhelmed by many covid19 cases. The intensive care units across the UK are full of critically COVID-19 patients. This has forced all surgeries and complications that are not considered urgent, including some of the cancer cases to be canceled.

The Dr. added that there is a shortage of medical personnel, the available intensive care beds are overloaded, ventilators are insufficient and most hospitals themselves lack basic antibiotics. If this is the current situation and  Uk is yet to see the peak amid this pandemic, it will remain a burden on medical staff and hospitals.

Nothing frightening from Dr. Robert has been described, however, is so alarming to see some medical workers using self-made personal protective equipment (PPE) from clinical waste bags. The same doctors who are working 13 hours a day to take care of the infected patients have been seen in plastic aprons and ski goggles.

While there is a guideline for a social distance of up to two meters, many of these physicians are sometimes forced to examine patients to just close range of 20cm, with their self-made protective equipment of which their effectiveness in the protection against COVID-19 cannot be demonstrated. They are definitely risking their lives for the benefit of their patients.
There may be a fatal consequence, and Dr. Robert rightly triggered the alarm via the BBC. He said that several employees who work in different departments of their hospitals are now afraid of the impending situation and are now producing their PPE from clinical waste bags.

The doctor said that the hospital had not yet received supplies from the government, and the staff was forced to do what they do for their safety. It’s about being pragmatic because they have to protect themselves. The theatrical hats that some have used have holes in them and offer no protection against the virus.

Although the government has confirmed a problem with the distribution of these essentials, the national care team is now working around the clock to ensure they are delivered.

Dr. Robert also said that some of the available masks that they use have expired. Although public health in England has stated that all of these masks have passed rigorous testing and are safe for your use, Dr. Robert is still not yet convinced.

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