EPL players reject 30% pay cut amid coronavirus

EPL players reject 30% pay cut amid coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic is still shaking the world. It has affected operations in many countries. The world’s most common virus leaves the United States with the highest number of cases registered. There are currently 323,474 cases with 9170 confirmed deaths in the country. The USA is even above China who only has 81,166 cases and 3,329 deaths and it is where the virus originated in late 2019.

Many countries around the world are taking various mitigation measures to curb the spread of this dreaded virus. Different governments have enforced different policies, ranging from complete closures of school, bar, restaurant, and many businesses that are not considered essential.

Such measures have impacted many sporting events. In the UK, one of the most famous football leagues, the English Premium League (EPL) is currently one of the suspended leagues.

On Saturday, it was a step for the clubs to cut wages by 30%, which was rejected by the EPL players. During this coronavirus pandemic, it is bitter for clubs to pay full wages if their business has been seriously affected But the union claims the government could lose over £ 200m in tax if they do so.

The professional football association said in a written statement that the move could be detrimental to the National Health Service (NHS).

They added that the £ 20m that the world’s richest football league is supposed to give to the NHS is welcome and there is hope that it could be much bigger.

The union stance came after further talks on Saturday, in which clubs were involved. Liverpool, which leads the league with 25 points, was the first EPL club to resist anger by using the government’s bailout package to suspend some non-gambling workers.

During dismissal of non-gaming staff, Liverpool’s Health Minister, Matt Hancock, asked the team players to accept the 30% cut in wages.

Nevertheless, as part of the state rescue program to support businesses during this coronavirus pandemic, those affected should only receive 80% of the government’s salary and up to a maximum of £ 2,500 per month, but the club has promised to top up so that those affected Employees go home with their full salary.

This move has been described by former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher as poor as it will affect the club’s respect and benevolence.

This European Champion Club, which has been owned by the John Henry Fenway Sports Group for decades, made a pre-tax profit of £ 42m on sales of £ 533m the previous year. While the club is still talking to convince its players to accept the cut in wages, the move will have a significant impact on the Treasury.

The move to Liverpool follows a meeting between the Premier League clubs held on Friday that agreed to ask players to see or postpone 30% of their cut in wages. However, the best clubs must first meet the requirements of the player union.

If the games are suspended for so long, the union believes a 30% cut in wages means the government will lose more taxes.

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