Trump fires intelligence chief Michael Atkinson

Trump fires intelligence chief Michael Atkinson

US President Donald Trump has fired a senior intelligence officer, Michael Atkinson. The official is believed to be fired regarding alerting the Congress and through whistleblowing complaints that resulted in impeachment proceedings against Trump.

Trump said while offering the sacking orders that he had no confidence in Michael Atkinson, the chief intelligence officer.

The Democrats claimed that Mr. President should not have done something like that during such time that the country is facing a state emergency. They also accused him of trying to undermine the intelligence community.

But all of these started in 2019 when there was controversy with a foreign power that threatened the future of the Trump presidency.

Donald Trump was almost out of the office on charges that he wrongly asked Ukraine for help to increase his chances of re-election.

He was accused of violating the law by pressuring the Ukrainian leader to collect harmful information about his political rival.

In July 2019, he asked the Ukrainian leader to investigate one of the main political rivals. This caused a fire when the Democrats claimed it was illegal to ask foreign countries or organizations for help to win US elections.

Even though Trump himself didn’t see that he had done anything wrong, the impeachment proceedings continued. At the center of this story was the complainant, a whistleblower who wrote the letter to Congress.

He described his complaint in the letter as urgent and credible and led the House of Representatives with the democratic majority to vote to remove him from office. If the Republican-led Senate hadn’t acquitted him of all allegations, Trump might not have been in office.

When Trump notified Congress on Friday, they said that Mr. Atkinson should be removed from the office within 30 days. Sources claim that the chief intelligence officer has been put on mandatory leave and will not serve his 30 days.

Mr. Trump confirmed in writing it is now important that he has full confidence in the person serving as Inspector General, adding that this is not the case with the retiring Inspector General.

He added that he would name the successor at a later date, but for the time being, Thomas Manheim, a career intelligence expert, will serve as acting inspector general.

The move to fire Michael Atkinson made the Democrats react furiously. Senator Mark Warner, the senior Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said it was irresponsible for the President to fire the top intelligence officer in such a national emergency

Congressman Adam Schiff, who led the house in the impeachment hearing, also sees Trump’s decision as something that will further endanger the country and national security.

Last month, Trump replaced his incumbent chief of staff, Mick Mulvane, who had implicated the president in the impeachment investigation, with a comment on the podium of the White House.

And during this time of the coronavirus, which killed over 7,500 people in the United States, the MR President was under fire.

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