The Terrifying COVID-19 still blooms

The Terrifying COVID-19 still blooms

The COVID-19 is now a terrifying and every country wants to hear that a solution, vaccine, or treatment has been found. Both cases and deaths are increasing every day, and many countries are now facing the negative effects of this virus more than China, where the virus originated. The outbreak has a significant economic impact as many livelihoods are affected.

Italy is one of the nations that appear to be overwhelmed by the spread of this novel coronavirus. In recent days there have been cautious hopes that the country could curb the situation with falling numbers. However, the 766 new deaths that were confirmed on Friday changed the story. This has resulted in the death toll to 14,681.

According to statistics, most deaths from the virus have occurred in northern Lombardy, where the city of Milan is located. Hospitals in the region were overwhelmed by a higher number of cases. This has even resulted in retired doctors and nurses being called back to work. Nationwide, 119,827 cases were confirmed and 19,758 people recovered from the virus.

Germany is another country with a high number of registered cases. So far, they have registered 91,159 cases with 1,275 deaths and 24,575 people have recovered from the virus. In this country, a top scientist suggested that those who recovered should get an immunity certificate.

In other parts of the world, 38,168 cases with 3605 deaths have been confirmed in the UK. Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared a ban on March 23 and citizens must stay at home to avoid unnecessary transmission of the virus. The tricky situation is that Mr. Johnson is leading the UK fight to the outbreak while he is under self-isolation after being infected with the same virus.

The numbers after various mitigation measures applied by different nations show that we can go around the corner. Before such measures which included lockdowns, ban on international flights, social distancing, both deaths and cases in Spain and Great Britain were on the rise rapidly.

However, those number of cases that doubled faster every two days has now decreased.

 Mortality has also slowed in Italy and there has been a sign of hope in recent days until Friday’s new 766 deaths, which changed everything. Though, many are considering the next couple days before they give a verdict.

Meanwhile, US cases are still on the rise. There are 272,760 cases nationwide and New York with over 92,000 cases is the most affected.

More so, 6991 deaths from the virus have been confirmed in the country and this is higher than the 3322 confirmed deaths in China where the virus originated.

As these cases increase in the United States, the government is also stepping up efforts to contain the outbreak. Almost 80% of Americans have been locked. Besides, President Trump extended the duration of coronavirus guidelines   to April, and citizens must try as possible to cut down unnecessary travel, gatherings of more than 10 people, and trips to work. Likewise, in states with a higher number of cases, stricter guidelines apply.

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