The Fortune of Drastic Coronavirus Indeterminate

The Fortune of Drastic Coronavirus Indeterminate

The coronavirus virus has spread rapidly in many countries around the world. This virus, which causes a breathing problem, has cost many lives and is still climbing. This makes it uncertain when the world will contain it. Scientists and researchers are working around the clock to deliver the vaccine.

While this is a wish of everyone who lives on this planet Earth, the solution should come sooner than later. The virus has caused many people to lose their jobs. Besides, the virus has hampered free socialization and travel among people.

Although the world seems to be giving up a struggle, the situation could go beyond what the world is experiencing now. Worldwide, 1,083,211 cases and 58,149 deaths have been confirmed, of which only 227,738 are said to be healthy again after the infection.

The United States has registered more cases than any other country in the world. Leave China, where the virus originated, or Italy, the most affected European nation.

In America, 266,279 cases with 6,803 deaths and 11,983 recoveries have been confirmed nationwide. On Friday, they recorded over 1,000 deaths which became the highest number of cases recorded within 24 hours in any country since the outbreak. New York is the most affected state with a higher number of cases.

Although Trump doubted the numbers in China from which this virus came, the country is now feeling some kind of relaxation, and this should give hope to other nations around the world. China, which has opened Wuhan, a capital in Hubei Province that was on lockdown amid the fear of this COVID-19, is still considering easing some of the restrictions.

However, they are faced with a likely second wave of infection of these arriving citizens. On Friday, they confirmed 4 new cases and brought the total number of cases to 81,620.

Another country where the number of cases has decreased is South Korea. The country experienced a major outbreak in mid-February, but the rate has slowed in recent weeks.

In Spain, both cases and deaths are increasing. A total of 117,710 cases with 10,953 deaths and 30,513 recoveries were confirmed. The country’s authorities claim that the situation is now at its peak, which will soon be followed by a decline in numbers.

During the press conference, Jose Sierra of the Spanish Health Ministry’s emergency coordination unit said the country would see an increase of around 8% in cases before it reaches the much-waited stabilization.

This nation, which leads European nations in several confirmed cases, has also seen its economy collapse amid this pandemic. Almost 900,000 people have lost their jobs.

Also, it is the case in the United States. On Thursday, those who signed up for new unemployment benefit claims reached 6.6 million the highest number ever recorded.

All in all, the most affected countries such as Italy, Spain and other US countries around the world are still stepping up measures to curb the spread of this novel virus. They are all doing it for the sake of their citizens and the economy.

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