America blames China for Coronavirus Pandemic

America blames China for Coronavirus Pandemic

The whole world is grappling with the human and economic devastation caused by the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic. However, China and the United States are now playing the blame game. These two countries cannot allow their competition to find a solution to prevent this pandemic.

It all started in China after a PRC spokesman said the U.S. Army was responsible for the virus outbreak. The allegation has also been confirmed by some other high-ranking government officials in China.

This blame undermines diplomacy between these two countries in the fight against this COVID-19. For example, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called his counterpart to coordinate responses to this global pandemic, but called up China’s high-level foreign policy, Yang Jiechi, to complain that the blame shouldn’t be on the American army.

The virus originated from China and has now spread worldwide. There are now 1,121,917 cases confirmed with 59,401 deaths from the virus. The United States has the most cases than China where the outbreak began. They have confirmed 277,522 cases nationwide, followed by Italy with 119,827 cases and Spain with 119,199 cases.

 This high number of cases that is ever-increasing implies that it is time for nations to work together to curb the spread of this virus. If the world doesn’t want to experience the worst cases than it does now, the US or China will have to stop blaming each other.

It should start from America’s front runner, which makes China a scapegoat. American leaders should stop calling the virus the Chinese virus, as this implies that they are blaming China. They should also stop the conspiracy theories about the deliberate introduction of the virus in China to affect the US economy.

The Asian-American citizens are now facing discriminatory comments commenting on the virus and Stopping this kind of theory can help reduce such comments.

Besides, such theories mean no step in finding the solution. For instance, China is working around the clock to find a vaccine to win the headlines while America is pointing the fingers.

America should also work with China to stem the pandemic. Although there have been some areas where the tensions between these two countries have been much greater, there has been a point where they have proven to be cooperative.

To fight this virus, these two countries must work together again. America already needs a few lessons from China on how it has eased the situation until Wuhan, the most affected China, is made open to the public again.

Though china initially started this game when they refused help from America, it should be revenge like what American has done to refuse    China’s offer to ship personal protective equipment.

These two countries should create an environment conducive to any scientist wishing to share research in the search for vaccines or to enable companies to partner and produce the much-needed protective equipment. This will be a crucial step in the fight against this dreaded virus, that claims many life and affecting the economy.

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