Trump warns of the coming tough weeks

Trump warns of the coming tough weeks

US President Donald Trump has warned of the coming painful weeks. While he has already announced the need to significantly extend the social distancing policy beyond Easter, people will need to stay at home as much as possible for another month.

During Tuesday’s White House meeting, Trump flipped the microphone over his medical experts to convince Americans to follow the guidelines. The main goal is to eliminate the causes in the hotspots mentioned like New York and prevent outbreaks in other states.

The infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci said that the measures implemented are already showing results and it is not possible to remove the foot on the accelerator.

The Statehouse expects 100,000 and 240,000 deaths to result from this pandemic and New York is expected to feel the brunt first.

Whereas we also expect the climax of the situation, Trump is sure that the US is in good shape to deal with the expected increase in infections.

The US President confirmed that there are now over ten companies producing the ventilators that are the key equipment in the fight against this novel coronavirus. The virus is causing respiratory problem after infecting people.

 Even if the US has confirmed 188,592 positive cases with 4,055 deaths and only 7,251 Americans have recovered from the disease, Trump is confident that he will contain the situation.

The United States is now the most affected country, ahead of Italy, Spain, and China, where the virus originated. According to Johns Hopkins University, New York has the highest number of deaths with nearly 800 confirmed deaths.

During Monday’s briefing, Trump said the U.S. has reached a historic milestone in the war against the coronavirus. He added that up to a million Americans have been tested for this virus, which is far more than any other country.

When asked why America lags behind countries like South Korea in regards to per capita test rate, Trump just claimed that it should be congratulated over the progress made.

But also warned of the challenging times that lie ahead in next month. Therefore, nationwide measures such as citizens to avoid unnecessary travel, go to work or eat in restaurants or bars and limit meetings to 10 people could be stricter.

Meanwhile, residents of New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey have been advised not to travel anywhere else in the country for 14 days since Saturday.

More so, on-essential travel has also been banned and most nonessential businesses closed in New York, a state which has registered more cases than any state in the US. Trump added that anyone who violates these measures will be fined between $250 and $500.

And since the availability of ventilators is now a major problem for health professionals and some states are warning of the impending shortage, the President warned those who are stoking the essentials. Although an increase is expected in the cases, these hospitals might be hoarding excessively while making it a shortage in other hospitals.

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