The Coronavirus Cases Surge as the World Grapples

The Coronavirus Cases Surge as the World Grapples

The world is still grappling with the growing number of coronaviruses. Europe appears to be the epicenter of this novel virus. In Spain, over 900 new deaths were recorded within 24 hours. This brings the death toll to 8,189 and a total of 94,417 positive cases have been confirmed.

However, growth cases in this hard-hit nation are appearing to be slowing, and this has been confirmed by on BBC by the country’s foreign minister. The Spanish government has extended the national ban, meaning that non-essential workers have to stay at home for another two weeks.

While recent national numbers show that the virus’s upward curve is now flattening, as confirmed by foreign minister Arancha Gonzalez, it’s a surprise that the doctor who led Spain’s response to the outbreak has been confirmed positive.

Officials hope that the peak of the cases is now approaching, which will be followed by a decrease in deaths and new cases.

In the country, Catalonia, the Basque and the capital Madrid seem to be the most affected.

Since March 14th, there has been an almost complete ban to curb this rapidly spreading virus. Residents were only allowed to leave their homes to work, buy essential groceries and medicines, or take care of relatives. This stricter ban applies until April 9th.

According to Health Minister Maria Jose Sierra, who says that after such strict measures were introduced, the trend towards daily infection changed. Every day there is only a 12% increase in new cases compared to 20% observed before March 25th.

Besides, the BBC foreign minister said Spain is facing the challenge of a lack of intensive care units and the new restrictions that are being observed will help contain the situation.

On Monday, the country was silent in Madrid for a minute to remember those who had died from the virus. Spain is now not the only country affected in Europe. Italy, Germany, and France are also affected by this virus.

Germany lags behind Italy with 67 051 confirmed cases. So far, they have avoided a fatal outbreak of the size of Spain and Italy. Germany has recorded only 650 deaths, well below the 11,591 and 8 189 deaths recorded in Italy and Spain.

Their comprehensive health system helps them deal relatively well with an increasing number of confirmed cases. On Monday we saw French patients brought to German hospitals by helicopter.

The United States is the world leader in the number of confirmed cases. They have confirmed 164,359 cases with 3,173 deaths.

Different countries around the world are now enforcing city closures to curb the spread. While they are doing this, it is the opposite now in China. In fact, it is new dawn and the government is now relaxing some of the prior employed strict measures. The ban that was imposed in Wuhan, where the virus was born at the end of last year, has been partially lifted and the city in the Chinese province of Hubei is now allowing inbound traffic.

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