Trump extends coronavirus guidelines

Trump extends coronavirus guidelines

The US is now enforcing coronavirus guidelines in some states in an attempt to curb the spread and President Donald Trump said the duration could be extended beyond April 30. By Sunday, 142,178 cases with 2,484 deaths and 4,559 recoveries have been confirmed in the United States. While cases are still on the rise, extending this policy beyond Easter will help contain the outbreak.

Earlier, Mr. President had proposed to relax these guidelines as early as Easter, which falls in mid-April, but the steady increase in cases and deaths is now forcing further extension.

Mr. Trump predicts the highest point in mortality, which is expected to peak in two weeks to come, and there is now concern that it might overwhelm hospitals.

The White House medical advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauci previously warned that the virus could kill more than 200,000 Americans. He added, it is conceivable that the virus could infect millions of Americans.

During the last Coronavirus Task Force’s press conference at the White House on Sunday, Donald Trump said measures such as social distancing are paving the way to victory. He added that the US will recover well by June.

In his suggestion that the pandemic in the US is expected to peak in two weeks to come, he also said that nothing will be worse to declare a win before victory is won. It could be the biggest loss of all.

However, the analysts did not see the indication of literal total death, but the total infection.

For Trump, the decision was made to extend the duration of the guidelines after hearing that around 2.2 million people could have died if there had been no such measures and guidelines. He added that if the death toll could be 100,000, it could be a good job.

The 2.2 million figure he referred to also appeared in the Coronavirus Impact Report, released on March 16 by Imperial College London.

The same Sunday, the president also spoke about the medical response. He also confirmed approval of the Covid-19 rapid test, which delivers results within five minutes, and doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers will be tested first.

Meanwhile, 1,100 patients in New York have been treated with an antiviral hydroxychloroquine drug, and Trump is optimistic about how it will work, hoping for incredible results.

Mr. Trump added that experts are looking for blood transfusions to treat the infected and that those who have recovered from the virus have priority.

The same Sunday, Trump accused hospitals in some states of having ventilators, face masks, and other critical medical supplies in stock.

The hospitals that hoard these important supplies should release them because in some cases they hold too many.

The availability of such supplies, which is now on-demand, is a major concern of health professionals during this pandemic.

Some states claim they don’t have enough to treat the expected increase in infections.

During signing of the stimulus packages, General Motors in Detroit was ordered to quickly manufacture the essentials to meet demand.

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