The US overtakes China in coronavirus cases

The US overtakes China in coronavirus cases

The world continues to perceive the negative effects of the novel coronavirus. The United States has currently registered 94,429 cases and this has made it have a higher positive case than any other country.

This implies that the US has overtaken China, and Italy who have confirmed 81,340 and   84,498 positive cases respectively.

But with 1429 confirmed deaths from this notorious virus, the United States still lags behind China and Italy. China and Italy have confirmed 3,292   and 9,134 deaths from the virus.

The surprise, U.S. President Donald Trump, predicts the nation will go back to work pretty quickly. When asked how it will be possible while he was briefing at the White House on Thursday afternoon, President Donald Trump said this was a tribute to the amount of testing they are doing. Many people are being tested across the country.

Vice President Mike Pence said there are now coronavirus testing centers in all 50 states and 552,000 citizens have been tested nationwide. For Donald Trump, he is proud as this number is above the tests in South Korea.

However, President doubted the Beijing figures and told reporters they had no idea what was happening in China.

His Excellency still hopes that the situation will ease and the restrictions will soon be lifted. The president is working on the goal of reopening the country on April 12. The goal, is for the citizens since 3.3 million Americans have been fired because of this novel coronavirus

The American people have to work again, the whole country has to work again and Trump hopes that this will happen pretty soon. The plan can be implemented in the parts or towns of the country that are not much affected.

However, even if it is going to happen, people should not misinterpret it. They will still be needed to practice as much social distancing as possible. In addition, people will to have to wash their hands frequently and avoid shaking hands.

In addition, in a letter written to state governors Thursday, Mr. Trump said that his team plans to publish guidelines on federal social distancing that will allow some regions to relax the barriers.

In the letter, he said that new guidelines would identify low, medium, and high-risk zones. This will allow the government to consider maintaining, increasing, or relaxing some of the restrictions imposed, including social detachment, total closure, and other mitigating measures that have been applied. He added that robust test protocols could allow some counties to lift their protective measures against the pandemic.

The same Thursday, President called Sean Hannity during the host’s program on Fox news, confirming that he hopes Idaho, Iowa, Nebraska, and other parts of Texas could open earlier than other regions in the country.

The plan was supported by prominent Democrat Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York, who said nationwide quarantine orders may not be the best approach against infectious coronavirus. He added that the commissioning strategy should be implemented based on observed public health.

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