German army protective masks go missing in Kenya

German army protective masks go missing in Kenya

The world is shaken as this new virus, the Covid-19, spreads. Within a few months, there were 423,724 confirmed cases and only 109,172 recovered, while 18922 died from the virus.

China tops with 81, 182 cases, followed by Italy with 69 176 confirmed cases. While the virus shakes the nations of the world, regardless of whether you are a superpower or not, different nations are now unable to use different containment strategies.

Germany, which is now the fourth in the number of confirmed cases, is also working to track, test and contain the new cases. Although they have a true picture of the size of the outbreaks, they confirmed that 159 people died from the virus.

The German procurement office is helping by giving logistical support to the Ministry of Health during the coronavirus crisis. While the country is plagued by equipment shortages and failures in normal times, they are complemented by external order.

However, it was a surprise when the delivery of six million masks needed to protect against the novel coronavirus disappeared in Kenya on Tuesday, and this was confirmed by the Ministry of Defense in Berlin.

The spokesman has confirmed that they are monitoring the situation to find out what has happened to the massive array of face masks that comply with the FFP2 standard and are to be used to protect against particles, aerosol, and especially this new pandemic.

Der Spiegel, the weekly newspaper, previously reported that the mask disappeared at the Kenyan airport late last week. However, it remains unclear why the shipment had to come through the East African country.

The missing masks that should arrive in Europe’s largest economy on March 20 are one of the most important improvements that the German health system needs to step up its fight against this infectious corona virus.
The loss is more than irritating for German health and government employees because they need protection to be at the forefront of this crisis.

The defense ministry spokesman said the missing mask would not cause Germany any financial loss as they had only to make the payment after receiving the shipment.

On the other hand, the Kenyan government has rejected the allegations that the delivery of Coronavirus prevention masks worth six million to Germany at their airport has disappeared.

The Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) immediately followed up and found that no such cargo had been shipped through JKIA. They said no reports of missing cargo have been submitted to the authorities in the past two weeks.
Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, the protective mask business has become a gold mine worldwide. So, the disappearance cannot be void.

The insiders suspect that it might have started after the deal with the German procurement agency where the manufacturer may have found a better price for its goods and decided to sell them there. However, it is also possible that the criminals stole the shipment at the airport and are now selling it there.

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