China considering loosening Wuhan’s lockdown

China considering loosening Wuhan’s lockdown

Coronavirus cases have decreased dramatically in China. In the new cases there are spatial and temporal shifts. Just a month ago, the world was busy with the increasing number of Covid-19 cases in which several people died in China.

The high rate of the case has China criticized by the mainstream media in the West for not covering up and enforcing it in the early stages of the outbreak. The shift, they are now aggressively covering China’s draconian containment measures.

As of mid-February, the number of news infections declined, and on March 19 it was the first time that China confirmed the zero case.

A group of Chinese scientists recently conducted a study to describe how China has managed to contain the situation. In order to reduce the number of new cases, China relied primarily on jointly effective intervention measures such as the cessation of inner-city public transport, the closure of entertainment venues and the ban on public gatherings.

The virus, which now seems to be under control in China, is still causing chaos in other countries around the world.

By March 20, up to three-quarters of cases in other countries around the world, such as China, had been confirmed.

Italy has the highest number of deaths, with five percent fewer inhabitants than China.

Many western countries are now criticized for failing to take effective action. They are now forced to repeat what China has done. Although it can be unimaginable.

Many countries have no despotic power and lack the autonomy policy. This complicates the effective implementation of these draconian containment measures, which require a strong state to penetrate society and enforce the decision.

China installed an extensive range of vehicles during the Mao era and is now used to implement various measures in this current situation. They also opened branches for village parties, street district offices and village doctors.

The combination is now responsible for measuring temperatures, quarantining people, and tracking infections at the village level. China also uses social forces to enforce community policing. The idea of ​​residents monitoring each other’s activities is now paying off.

They also have conventional vehicles with big data and information technology installed to track and stop the spread of the virus. The Chinese people have also been cooperative in the government’s quarantine measures. In addition, China has had rapid centralization since 2012, which is now a strong incentive for the government.

Officials are now considering lifting the barrier that has been enforced in Wuhan, the Chinese city where the worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus was found. The elevator can be seen on April 8th. Residents should expect travel restrictions to be lifted as of Tuesday midnight in Wuhan and the rest of Hubei Province, where they are located, but this only applies to healthy residents.

There are only 47 new cases in which Wuhan reports no new cases after almost a week without such cases, while other countries around the world are banned and strict containment measures are in place.

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