The UK Prime Minister implements new strict rules

The UK Prime Minister implements new strict rules

The British Prime Minister has announced new stringent measures to curb the spread of the virus. This happens after the number of fatalities from virus reach 335 in total. According to the scientists, an infected person can transmit the virus to 2.5 people within five days. This means that over 400 people have been infected by one person over a period of 30 days, for example.

However, if this infected person restricts their socialization, a person can only infect 15 people within 30 days.

From the guidance, shops that do not sell essential goods have to close, and public gatherings of more than two people who do not live together are currently prohibited. The measure also limits people to leaving their homes once a day to practice and also travel to or from work, where this can be considered an absolute necessity.

Also, they can leave their homes if they want to buy the bare minimum or if they want to meet medical or nursing needs. Similarly, those who travel to or from work where their services are absolutely necessary.

The government has also stopped all the social events, including weddings and other ceremonies.

Shops that should be closed include restaurants, cafes, shops, and banks. Other premises, including non-essential stores, libraries, outdoor gyms, and places of worship, were also closed.

Parks are not closed, but people are not allowed to gather in groups there. Community centers should also remain open. However, they will only offer essential voluntary or public services. The guidelines also state that the service should remain open to the homeless or food banks.
People have to follow these new strict measures. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on television while at Downing Street that the police now have the power to enforce these measures. They can fine and disperse gatherings.

He confirmed that the country is in a state of national emergency and that order to stay at home was necessary to save lives and protect the NHS. He also said the restrictions would last for at least three weeks to come and are under constant review.

According to government orders, people are only allowed to leave their homes for one reason.

If you want to shop for basic needs like medicine and food. The shopping trips should, therefore, be as low as possible. You can also have one form of exercise per day, such as: Walking, running or cycling. However, the exercise should be alone or as a group among those who stay together and not an outsider.

In addition, people can leave their homes to seek medical help or care. They can also leave their homes to help the vulnerable. This may include moving children under the age of 18 to their parents’ homes.

Although this is an exception, people should minimize spending on their homes. They should also keep a distance of at least two meters from people with whom they do not live with. This can help curb the spread of this pandemic.

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