The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Uncertain

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Uncertain

The eruption of coronavirus has affected many sports around the world. The 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo were raised in further doubt. This happened after Canada was the first large country to consider withdrawing its athletes.

The IOC has stated that the postponement is now possible. However, they insist that cancellation does not solve a problem or help someone. In a letter to the athletes, IOC President Thomas Back confirmed that human life is paramount, including running the games. He went on to say that we don’t know how it will take, but we all go through and let the Olympic flame light up at the end of this dark tunnel.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has admitted for the first time that the games could be postponed. For weeks, Japanese officials haven’t seen anything that could affect the game. But on Monday, during his speech in parliament, Mr. Abe admitted for the first time that Tokyo 2020 could be postponed.

He said a decision about postponements is now inevitable when we think of the athlete’s safety, which is paramount. Instead, he should not cancel the event entirely.

If canceled, it will be the first case in years. In history, the Olympic sports events have never been cancelled or postponed in peacetime. The last case was in 1940 when it was postponed due to the Second World War.

Nations are considering withdrawing their athletes. The Australian team is now clear that the games will not take place and has asked its athletes to prepare for the 2021 games.

Australian chief of mission Ian Chesterman has also confirmed that it is clear that the games cannot take place next July.

On Sunday, the head of world athletics, Sebastian Coe, wrote to Mr. Back, explaining that it was neither feasible nor desirable to hold the games in July.

USA Track and Field has also called for the same move. Also, they Global Athlete Group is   calling for a shift. British cyclist Callum Skinner, who leads the global athlete, believes the call should be made now that the pandemic is getting worse and social restrictions are being introduced.

The games, which are scheduled to start on July 24th before the outbreak, are expected to be decided by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in no more than four weeks. The outcomes can be clear because the pandemic is becoming more and more strong.

The Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Committee said it was a difficult decision to withdraw their athletes after consulting sports groups and the government. It then urged the International Paralympic Committee (IOC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to consider postponing the games to 2021.

Through their official statement, the committee recognized the inherent complexity of postmen and they believe that nothing is more important than the health and safety of their athletes and the global community.

Even if it does happen, it will be devoid of fans. Something that will change the test of these Olympic games. Therefore, the cancellation becomes crucial at the moment.

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