Saturday Night Show update: Olly Murs replaces Tom Jones

Saturday Night Show update: Olly Murs replaces Tom Jones

Recently it has been announced that the people’s choice of Tom jones will not be with us at the Saturday Night Show. Whereas the co-star OLLY MURS will be replacing him on Saturday night in the middle of coronavirus disaster.

Though the show will be on aired but it will lack the presence of the audience. The main act has been put back. That exhibits how cautious producers are about coronavirus. The decision is made to stop the spread of the virus to other people. “Our aim is to protect our people”, says the producers.

Though the audience was requested to share their videos and pictures while enjoying this performance. The producers had decided that these pictures, Videos will be viewed at the end of the performance. Here the purpose was to assure their loyal viewers that the producers want to reduce their isolation to some extent. As while watching the show when the audience would dance the feeling of being isolated will be a bit less.

The Duo revealed in the morning that there will be a tremendous ending. As OLLY MURS will be joining us for this performance. Here, the decision of replacing Tom was sudden as it was already announced that Tom jones will appear and set the stage on fire tonight. But the situation made the producers change their decision.

It was also advised that aged people like above 60-70 are not allowed to gather around.  That’s why the singer was replaced as Tom jones is about the age of 70+. So he has to be isolated from the other people outside to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

Ant McPartlin the famous singer and actor mentioned that ”we want to make our people smile; hence,  the only reason they are going to continue the show. I don’t think we will do one other again.” His partner, DEC added, “if the situation allows us, we will definitely put up the show again.” Here, ant and Dec were putting their efforts to make the show as typical and normal as possible.

The pair added a stunning entrance from the stairs. Though there was no audience to welcome them or appreciate the entrance. “We do not require any apish laughter. If we need it then we had decided how exactly we will do it”, the pair joked!

As the most experienced artist Belongs to the age group which has the strong chances of being infected by the deadly virus due to his health had to drop the event. Now the rock star has to remain isolated from others and he will be staying at home and the show will be set by the costar, OLLY.

The IPTV owners were instructed to cancel this costly end as the US had to close its borders for the travelers. The great show was up to be held in Disney world in the month of April.

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