Coronavirus waves the world as top leaders test positive

Coronavirus waves the world as top leaders test positive

The death toll from the coronavirus pandemic continues to grow worldwide. Europe is still high on the receiving end. Italy confirmed 651 new deaths in one day, which corresponds to a total of 5,476 deaths. It is higher than in any other European country. Although less than Saturday’s 793, it’s still a 13.5 percent increase.

Spain could also be another European nation registering the worst outbreak. It has already confirmed over 28,000 cases.

In Canada, the death toll from the virus has increased by almost 50% in less than 24 hours. This is certainly alarming, and given that the U.S. epicenter predicts the situation as the biggest since the Great Depression, hospitals will be overwhelmed in the next 10 days.

The news that U.S. Senator Rand Paul has tested positive as it has been confirmed through his office, shows how the virus is unforgiving.

 He is the first Republican from Kentucky and the first member of the upper chamber of Congress to test positive. There have been several cases from members of the House of Representatives who have already tested positive for the virus.

Elsewhere, Placido Doming, an opera singer, tested positive for the virus. The star, who recently resigned as general manager of the Los Angeles Opera after a few allegations of sexual harassment and has since publicly apologized to his prosecutors, is now among the confirmed cases.

The 79-year-old Spaniard wrote on his Facebook page that he had actually isolated himself with his family. He was in good health until he had a fever and cough symptoms that turned out to be positive after the test.

Correspondingly, he urged his followers to maintain a high level of cleanliness by washing their hands frequently while restricting socialization.

 By promoting a community spirit to fight the virus, the current global crisis can be stopped if we can do it together.

 Some top leaders are in self-quarantine. One of them is German Chancellor Angela Merkel. He is in quarantine after seeing a doctor on Friday who tested positive for the virus.

This is a measure to curb the spread of the virus after confirming that an infected doctor has been contacted.

Others are Mario Diaz-Balart, Utah Democrat Ben McAdams, and Florida Republican, who confirmed this week that they are isolating themselves.

We see that more and more cases and more people are confirmed as positive, but there are also opportunities to mitigate the damage. For example, different states have banned meetings with more than three people for two weeks to come, whether out of work or at home.

Others impose a strict ban such as stay at home order. However, chief political correspondent Vicki Young has stated that this should not be a must but should be used where necessary. The problem with lockdown is when people don’t follow the advice. This will require further action from the government. Also, it can be a problem for people’s mental and physical health if they are only to stay indoors.

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