James Middleton’s Marriage postponed due to pandemic

James Middleton’s Marriage postponed due to pandemic

James Middleton, brother of Kate Middleton, 32 years old, had a marriage announced this season with the finance expert and French beauty, Alizee Thevenet, who’s currently 29 years of age. However, due to the circumstances and their guests’ health, they had to come to a decision to postpone the occasion. Even though James had no plans of keeping it a big event, as he had once stated that he’s simply tired of all the grand events, he still decided to postpone it.

The COVID-19 pandemic is serious and has caused a lot of mishaps then there had to be. Cities are being quarantined or going towards curfew at the moment. At this point, it was simply impossible to hold a wedding without the fear of anyone being affected. So he stated, “they would wait till their gusts are able and happy” as safety and health comes first.

Even though it is said that it’s an occasion postponed, it won’t be happening anytime soon even till the end of this summer. Until, this virus, is treated or to be found proper counter curing methods, people will not be going out. Now the question is, will they change their plans and marry within the family members like Princess Beatrice is going to marry Edeordo Mapelli Mozzi on 29th May or will they keep waiting for a public entrance. As much as some of the people were sad about James Middleton being engaged, now some of them are actually happy with the break.

Miss Thevenet is not just any ordinary woman, they are considered the most eligible bachelors as she is a woman who can speak four languages, ski like an expert and she bears a master’s degree in management and finance. Although, when she had met him, she had no idea who he was, and this was something James got interested in. Now, after all of their romantic meetings and getting to know each other, the made a vow to be together. Just that an Anglo-French wedding would kind of be impossible to behold when there’s a pandemic going on. She’s a French woman and her wedding can’t be without her family and friends.

Now this delay is not just an ordinary postponement of a week or two. This marriage is going to be postponed for months. This is the same couple who met in 2018 had their story gotten out by James’ friend. Once that happened they announced an engagement just days later. So they are still engaged and waiting.

All royals are taking government orders and trying to stay safe. “This pandemic is not a joke”. The coronavirus has everyone tied up. Every royal or every common man is in their home trying to avoid contact. “We have seen enough losses already” Queen Elizabeth is trying her best to fight and keep her family safe. No one is allowed to shake hands. Even William has adopted the Indian’s Namaste style for greetings. There should be no mishaps.

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