The infectious virus to last longer than we expected

The infectious virus to last longer than we expected

Every day, more and more cases of coronavirus are confirmed. What is painful, people lose their loved ones through this epidemic. To a certain extent, we are not sure when this will end.

The UK documents have leaked predicting the outbreak will continue beyond 2021. If this is the case, we assume that the economy will decline significantly.

The effects have already been noticed worldwide. Here in the United States, the six counties in California have been isolated for three weeks. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have also ordered all group meetings to be postponed for two months.

Moreover, we expect other parts of the United States to be blocked. We are not sure how long it will take.

It is a call to act together in the coming weeks and months. Also, it is everyone’s responsibility to isolate themselves if the duration of this outbreak is to be shortened. Our contribution is the most important when we wait for scientists, historians, government agencies and officials to give instructions.

While unity has proven to be effective even during the world wars, this virus will be less fearful than it is now when we as a nation, as a world, come together and follow all directions.

Besides, the fight against this virus should not only be for the government. The private sector should also invest in more and more corona test kits, increase beds for those already infected and disinfect their infrastructure.

Isolation has been the most important guideline and has borne some fruit, but how will we be locked up if we have to travel to buy some essentials?

No vaccine or treatment has been approved. We only rely on staying inside and avoiding crowded places to stay away from the virus.

All in all, we need to remain vigilant, maintain maximum disinfection while remaining vigilant and reduce panic. We have gone with deadly diseases like Ebola and other infection viruses like HIV and are still alive.

There is hope even after being infected with the virus. For example, Thailand and India are now using the combination of drugs to treat HIV and malaria in infected people. Some have been confirmed negative after prescribing, although there is no clinical evidence.

Though, many scientists and researchers present this as a desperate measure for which there is no scientific evidence. What we are sure, not all who contracted the virus has died. Hudson Odoi, Chelsea football club player has recovered from the virus.

Likewise, it is also clear that the situation will get worse before we finally find a solution. For sure, it will continue to be a shock to many people as close relatives, friends and work colleagues are positively confirmed.

While we have no choice but to isolate, we should also support those affected. You don’t have to be a celebrity or rich to help. We should call those affected occasionally and give them hope that they can recover.

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