Italy Leading Coronavirus Deaths

Italy Leading Coronavirus Deaths

In the past 24 hours, the number of deaths from the Coronavirus outbreak in Italy has exceeded that of China. In one day, 427 further deaths were confirmed in Italy, increasing the number of victims to 3405. This is even higher than the registered deaths in China, where the virus originated last year.

It falls below the confirmed deaths in China. However, China still has the highest number of cases, over 81,000. This is still far higher than the 41,035 cases confirmed in Italy.

An Istituto Superiore di Sanita report said that all confirmed deaths in Italy came from the three regions in the north. On the other hand, other studies indicate that older people are the most affected.

However, the effects do not only affect Italians but can be observed worldwide. Here in the US, we were warned about international travel.

Although the nations are imposing different measures, there are still new cases and deaths that are confirmed every day. Recently, 220,000 cases and 9,000 confirmed deaths have been reported worldwide.

While the number of coronavirus deaths in Italy is alarming, there are several measures to slow them down. For example, Italy has been on lockdown since March 12th. With how the situation is, it can go beyond March 25th in an attempt to stop the virus from spreading.

Almost all the shops in Italy have been closed and no one is allowed to hold public meetings anywhere in the country. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte declared the closure of all bars, restaurants, shops, schools, and universities to be a measure to contain the situation.

France also followed suit and confirmed the shutdown on Tuesday morning. They have also instructed those who work in public places to carry official papers with them for a reason why they should not work from the home failure of which attracts a fine.

Interior Minister Christopher Castaner confirmed on Thursday that there is a high likelihood that the ban will be extended beyond the originally mentioned 15 days.

He confirmed this through Radio Europe 1 and said that 4095 fines were handed over to violators and 70 000 control checks were carried out as of Wednesday.

He also urged citizens not only to break the rules to show that they are heroes because it puts them at risk. Each breaker will be fined $ 150.

While all of these measures and fines have been imposed, we have also seen some measures to contain the situation. The leading European central bank (ECP) launched $ 820 billion to mitigate the impact of this infectious pandemic.

The lockdown and isolation approach is showing some results. Consequently, China confirmed on Wednesday that there were no new domestic cases, which was the first time since the outbreak began. This is an important milestone, although 34 new cases of returnees have still been reported.

The only positive, it is now bearing some hopes and it should be a boost while we wait to see if scientists and researchers will find us a solution. 

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