The quarantine epidemic taking the world by storm

The quarantine epidemic taking the world by storm

There are more cases of coronaviruses every day, and as more deaths have been confirmed, we should gather to end this sooner than later. If what has leaked from the British documents and predicts the outbreak of the coronavirus by 2021, there is no doubt that the economy will go down. We are already seeing the effects here in the USA. The six counties in the Bay Area in California are quarantined for three weeks. It is also an instruction from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that group meetings should not take place for two months.

While we continue to see parts of the US blocked due to this highly infectious pandemic, it remains unclear how long it will take. The crisis is likely to be worse than we expected.

The duration of this outbreak, of course, requires our joint action in the coming weeks and months. It is everyone’s responsibility to quarantine themselves. Although we rely heavily on scientists, historians, cultural observers, and government officials, our contribution can help stop the spread.

The promising news: if we come together as a nation, it cannot be as resistant. However, under the steps to control the spread, the government should mobilize the private sector to have more and more corona test kits, double the beds for those already infected, and purchase more ventilators.

The isolation bears some fruit, but if we don’t treat the virus as a fight in which everyone should be involved from top to bottom, we will see more cases.

Even though there is no vaccine or treatment available yet, staying indoors and avoiding crowded places is key to reducing the spread of this fearful virus. For this reason, we see orders from above that tell us not to travel unnecessarily from city to city, but to seek shelter in one place, with the exception that we only have to buy the essentials.

Internet users are compelled to remain vigilant and reduce their panic. We will survive this, we have survived Ebola, HIV and many other infectious diseases. Besides, some victims are recovering from the virus. More than that, there is an unconfirmed combination of medications that raises hopes. For example, Thailand treats those affected with a combination of drugs to treat malaria and HIV AIDS.

Although this has been declared by many scientists as a desperate measure and should not be used as a prescription, the only positive thing about it is that some victims now test negative after being given the combination.

Many analysts and scientists believe that things will get stricter before we find a solution. However, it will be a shock to the system and some people, especially if your close relative, friend or work colleague is confirmed as positive. We have no choice but to isolate and reduce our socialization until a solution is found. We should also give hope to those who are affected or infected. However, it can be safe to do this via wireless means than to get there physically.

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