WWE moves WrestleMania 36 Venue due to Coronavirus pandemic

WWE moves WrestleMania 36 Venue due to Coronavirus pandemic

Venue for WrestleMania 36 has been changed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The showdown was earlier scheduled to hold at Raymond James Stadium, but recent statements by the WWE indicate that the WrestleMania 36 will now hold at the training platform of WWE at Orlando, Florida, under closed doors.

Only a few officials will be allowed entry, and the showdown will be available for fans on pay-per-view as it will be streamed live on April 5 on WWE Network. All WWE partners, government officials and promoters are all aware of the relocation of venue and have consented to it.

This decision by the WWE was made in adherence to the recommendation by the US Centre for disease control.

Earlier on Sunday, the Centre for disease control advised that there should be restrictions on public gatherings. According to them, the coronavirus can be easily spread when there is is a crowd numbering up to 50 people. They recommended that such a mammoth crowd be avoided for the next eight weeks. In the same vein, US President, Donald Trump stated on Monday that people should stay away from gatherings having up to 10 or more people, better still, they should stay indoors. He opined that this move would assist the United States in curbing the spread of COVID-19.

The coronavirus has ravaged the entire globe. It has spread very quickly within a short while, causing the suspension of major sports leagues and sporting tournaments. The English premier league has been suspended, the NHL, NCAA, MLB, MLS, have all suspended their seasons. Even the UFC has been badly struck. Last weekend, it was held behind close doors, but they have decided to postpone their upcoming cards due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, the WWE continues to thrill the fans with televised events. The ‘Monday Night Raw”, the ”Smakckdown of Friday Night” and ”NXT” is still showing for the watching audience at home.

So far, WWE has resorted to live broadcast of Smackdown behind closed doors on Friday. They are planning to also broadcast Raw from its performance center without the entry of fans. There are indications that they will repeat the same for the WrestleMania week. The statement released by WWE does not affirm whether the Hall of fame event and the NXT TakeOver show will also be affected.

The WWE is conscious and wary of the spread of the coronavirus; hence they are still pondering on the money-spinning WrestleMania week. They are yet to decide on what to do next, but the fans are keeping their fingers crossed while awaiting the decisions of WWE.

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