Coronavirus: Club Rugby in New Zealand to be postponed

Coronavirus: Club Rugby in New Zealand to be postponed

Four more cases of coronavirus have been reported in Newzealand taking the total number of affected persons to 12. This is according to a statement by Director General Health Dr. Ashley Bloomfield. All clubs and community rugby have been postponed till Saturday, April 18 taking into consideration, the coronavirus threat. This policy will be implemented with immediate effect in the whole of New Zealand.

Keeping in view of the interest of the citizens in this game, the Health Ministry told newsmen that decision was difficult to make but added that it is in the best interest of all participants and citizens of New Zealand.

 NZ Rugby association expects all participants to comply with the directives of the Ministry of Health to remain safe and secure from coronavirus. The association further expects that participants should stay away from the club if they experience flu-like symptoms. The policy further elaborated that the participants will be made to wash their hands with soap, use tissue paper in case of cough or sneeze, no sharing of water bottles with friends or players, maintaining safe distance, and cleanliness in and around the non-contacting event will be kept. The Ministry of Health and NZ Rugby association will remain in close contact to maintain the above measures. The method of participation in the non-contact activity has been devised by the Ministry of Health for the betterment of all. The latest information will be shared with all. NZ Rugby will share contingency plan with passage of time and it will convey to all participants.

On the whole, the good news is that all non-contact activities will be carried out under strict rules and procedures devised by the Ministry of Health. The instructions are being implemented for the well being of all participants by the organizations.

The postponement of Club Rugby is a blessing in disguise for the players, referees and organizations to regroup themselves and participate with full spirit in the events which have been rescheduled to hold in the month of May. The new policy of participation will be implemented by the organizations in coordination with the Ministry of Health. The ministry understands that the decision is tough, but has been taken keeping in view the threat of coronavirus. School club rugby competition will be held timely as these are scheduled in the month of May. These events will remain unaffected of this decision.

 The club Rugby cancellation is an extreme measure taken by the organization on the advice of the Ministry of Health to keep people safe and secure from the rampaging coronavirus pandemic.

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